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Though Disney animations are known for their impressive visuals, memorable songs, and compelling stories, there’s one other thing that manages to stand out time and time again in these films: the villains. Disney Villians are known for having over-the-top personalities and agendas that compete with those of the protagonists. While there’s a lot of interesting qualities to these characters, one thing that frequently stands out is their styling. Animators work hard to make sure each villain has a unique outfit that matches their personality. We thought it was time to look back at the greatest of these now.

In this ranking, we’ll be focusing on the overall look of a villain. This means everything including a villain’s clothing, hairstyle, and accessories will be taken into account. Additionally, we will only be looking at the bad guys from films released by Walt Disney Animation Studios. This means villains in Pixar films won’t be taken into account. With that said, it’s time to look at some of the darkest trendsetters around; Here are the 10 best-dressed Disney Villains.

10 Ursula

The Little Mermaid’s Ursula doesn’t need legs to look classy. The sea witch wears a black dress that fades into giant octopus-like technicals. On top, she accents her purple skin with blue eyeshadow, red lips, thin eyebrows, and a beauty mark. If there was a contest for the best villain makeup, Ursula might win.
Lastly, Ursula’s short white hair is given volume by the water she swims in. Her seashell necklace and matching earrings allude to the underwater world she lives in.
9 Hades

Hercules wouldn’t be the same without the hot-tempered god of the underworld. However, in addition to serving up vengeance, he also comes with a side of good looks.

Hades wears dark Greek robes that are reminiscent of both his era and his evil persona. The robes are secured by a skull-like clip, further cementing his relation to death. While these are all important details, Hades wouldn’t be the same without his fiery blue hair. It burns almost as brightly as his personality.

8 Doctor Facilier

The Princess and the Frog’s Dr. Facilier likes to grandly display his magical powers, which makes his showman outfit consisting of a top hat and suit incredibly fitting. It’s also worth noting the colors of Facilier’s getup, which are the most common for Disney Villains to wear: red, purple, and black.
In classic Disney fashion, Facilier holds a magic scepter. Uniquely, his costume is modeled after that of the Haitian Vodou loa, Baron Samedi. This means that his character was designed to not only look good but be symbolic. That kind of fashion magic is better than any type of potion Facilier might craft.
7 The Evil Queen

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Not the Evil Queen, but she’s still pretty glamorous.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ antagonist wears dark colors to contrast Snow White’s bright, innocent outfit. Her velvet robe and satin collar scream “royalty,” while her crown makes it official. Though it’s unconfirmed whom she’s exactly based on, her makeup resembles that of several movie stars from the 1930s. Her dark features give her a sense of seductiveness and superiority.

6 Mother Gothel

Though Tangled’s Mother Gothel wears an outfit that is more simple than the Evil Queen’s, her elegance proves that a look doesn’t need to be complex to be memorable.
Gothel’s dark, curly hair and tall frame were chosen to contrast Rapunzel’s straight blonde hair and short stature. This reasserts that the two are not blood-related. It’s also worth noting that Gothel’s features were inspired by the dramatic, iconic looks of singer-actress Cher. While Gothel herself might be evil, she looks sinfully good.
5 John Ratcliffe

Though Governor John Ratcliffe sports a few different outfits throughout Pocahontas, none is as iconic as his purple costume, which invokes a sense of royalty. When wearing this outfit, Ratcliffe also dawns a feathered hat, a golden medal, a fabulous red cape, and heeled boots. We also can’t neglect to mention his hair, which is gathered onto opposite sides of his face and tied with red bows.

This unique costume helps him stand out from the other Englishman, who wear plainer colors and styles. Ratcliffe knows he’s the best, and he proves it through his dress.

4 Jafar

The antagonistic sorcerer of Aladdin is one sharp dresser. The many vertical lines of Jafar’s costume draw attention to his slim, tall figure. From the feather on Jafar’s turban to the shoulders of his sleeves, everything points up to show how he exudes power.
The dark red and black colors of his costume further assert his villainous quality, while his regal robes and serpent staff suggest his place in court. Additionally, the swirls on the edge of his shoes and his beard seem to suggest his twisted personality.
3 Yzma

Yes, Yyzma might be scary beyond all reason, but that doesn’t mean she’s not one of the best-dressed Disney Villians around.
The Emperor’s New Groove’s Yzma is one of the few Disney bad guys who go through multiple costume changes over the course of the film in which she appears. Though she usually rocks the color purple, she can also be seen partying it up in a fuchsia dress and dark green ensemble. No matter what she puts on, however, she is always sporting a fabulous headpiece, big earrings, painted fingernails, and crazy-long eyelashes. We love her glamorous and bold fashion choices.

2 Cruella De Vil

Cruella de Vil is naturally one of Disney’s most fashionable villains. After all, what makes her a bad guy in 101 Dalmations is her wish to steal puppies in order to make a new fur coat. Her entire character’s motivation is based on her goal of looking rich and dressing well.
Even without the puppies, we think she’s naturally glamorous. Her over-sized coat represents her big personality while her red gloves and coat lining prove her devilish personality. Additionally, her black-and-white hair and chic dress tie her fashion-forward ensemble together.
1 Maleficent

There is perhaps no villain as recognizable Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent.
Rather than turning Maleficent into an old hag, animators wanted to give her an elegant look. However, this didn’t stop them from giving the evil fairy green skin to represent her evilness and a giant black and purple cape that resemble a vampire bat. Her horns also play off of this idea, while her magical golden staff pulls it all together. Fine details like her maroon fingernails and black ring helped keep her look iconic.
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