Do you know the Youngest and Most Talented Singers of Telugu Music?

Do you know the most artistic and youngest singers in Telugu music? If your answer is negative, I will inform you of the most gifted modern singers. The top 10 Telugu vocalist also tries to give the audience the best things: romantic songs, sad songs, folk music, and the Telugu culture-based songs.

Here I will mention the ten youngest singers for which you want to download their songs and get more entertain. Besides, getting more songs you can visit naa songs.

Sooraj Santosh

Sooraj Santosh is the most celebrated repetition singer in Telugu music. In the modern era, Sooraj Santosh became the first youngest replay singer in Telugu music. His songs are very socialistic and also covert with the romantic scene. He gained the most awards for his vocalist and also becoming more famous day by day.

Yazin Nizar

Yazin Nizar is such a celebrated singer at this time. In this era, everybody wants to listen to romantic songs. Even there are many romantic songs available, but Yazin Nizar’s songs are the most popular. I think you should listen and I hope your mind will be shocked to hear his songs.

Ramya Behara

Ramya Behara is a female playback singer in Telugu music who has a sweet voice and gorgeous to the listener’s mind. She is the number one female talented singer in Telugu songs, and also her songs are so popular with the listeners. Ramya Behara sang many popular songs, which the most viewed in Telugu films. You can download her romantic songs even she sang all categories of songs.


Dhanunjaya is the greatest playback singer in Telugu music. This talented singer almost famous for his sweet voice, which attracted the listener’s minds. Dhanunjaya is also famous for his great activities. Not only a Dhanunjaya singer but also a composer in Telugu music. His composed song is the most acceptable to the audience. I consider you can download his songs.

Prudhvi Chandra

Prudhvi Chandra is becoming more famous day by day because of his popular songs. After joining Telugu music, he became a more renowned singer to the Telugu culture above the glove. Prudhvi Chandra gained national awards for his vocalist.

Satya Yamini

Satya Yamini is a female playback singer in Telugu music. But within some days, Satya Yamini became such a prevalent singer to the Telugu people and famous Indian people. She has a sweet voice and able to overwhelm the listener’s minds. I hope if you listen to her song, your mind will be shocked immediately.


Anudeep is an Indian playback singer who can sing the most complex songs such as folk music, sad songs, and romantic songs. Because of his unresolved activities, Anudeep became the first playback singer in Telugu music. He is a most genuine singer than other singers in India as well as above the glove.

The bottom line

As per a report, I will inform you of the most talented and younger singers in Telugu music to download these singers’ songs and get more entertainment. Above the glove, everyone wants to get a more romantic scene, so I ponder you download the Youngers singer and gets a lot of amusing.

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