Doctor Strange: 5 Marvel Heroes Who Love Him (& 5 Who Don’t)


Doctor Strange is a bit surly, a bit prickly, he often lacks a sense of humor. Sometimes (though Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal is amazing) one has to wonder why anyone would want to partner up and work with Strange at all. The fact, however, remains that Strange is very powerful, very competent, and many heroes do enjoy working with him (if only because he knows how to get the job done).

It may be more interesting to learn who likes working with Strange than who doesn’t. While we wait on Strange’s second stand-alone film he has quite a history in the comics since 1963, so here are a few matchups that would both be enjoyed or suffered through by our favorites.

10 Love – Wong

Strange’s ever-present assistant and sidekick Wong must love working with the doctor because, at the very least, he sticks around. In the comics, Wong came to America to assist Doctor Strange under orders from The Ancient One.
In the comics Wong is far less of a magic-user, depending more on his strength and martial arts to assist Strange who, in turn, can assist Wong in producing spells that he couldn’t do on his own. The give and take of their relationship, along with their different skill sets, makes them a particularly well-matched team in the face of danger.
9 Don’t – Iron Man

Iron Man and Doctor Strange may be responsible for saving the universe (thank you) in Avengers: Endgame, but their relationship started off differently in the comics. Both characters were incredibly similar when they premiered, being cocky talented womanizers (with a penchant for particular facial hair).
But that doesn’t mean that Iron Man/Tony Stark particularly enjoys working with the doctor. they both turn their lives around in Asia too. While in more recent years Tony has called on Strange for help (and insisted that they were “facial hair bros”) they can’t have been too interested in one another since they didn’t meet in the comics until 2005.

8 Love – Spider-Man

Even is Peter thinks that Doctor Strange is only using his “made up name”, Spider-Man is always ready for a powerful team up with the more seasoned of the supers he comes into contact within the MCU. In the comic books of the 2000s Strange was a regular in The Amazing Spider-Man, written by J. Michael Straczynski.
In the “Spider-Totem” arc of that series, there were questions raised about whether or not Peter Parker’s powers were more magic-based. Obviously, the major magician of the Marvel world would work Spider-Man as he considered it.
7 Don’t – Star Lord

As in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star-Lord and Doctor Strange met as the world was about to end. In the 2015 Secret Wars storyline, Star-Lord (along with Strange) is part of a handful of survivors when the earth battles Children of Tomorrow.

They also meet up in the new Infinity War storyline of 2018, where Strange summons Star-Lord and other to Central Park, in hopes of fighting Thanos. It seems that Star-Lord only sees Strange when the entire universe is prepared to collapse, which certainly doesn’t make Quill fond of the sorcerer’s company.

6 Love – Hulk

Doctor Strange is the first person Bruce runs into when he finally returns to earth post Avengers Age of Ultron and Thor Ragnarok. He falls through the roof of the Sanctum Sanctorum and, luckily, Strange and Wong are there and take both Bruce and his warning seriously. In the comic book universe Banner and Strange have been teaming up for many years. The pair were even two of the founding members of The Defenders. In the comics, the Hulk also works well with Strange because he is one of a few creatures that can “see magic” so the Hulk was able to see Doctor Strange even when Strange was in his Astral Form.
5 Don’t – Thor

While Doctor Strange and Thor don’t spend much time together at all in the Avengers films, they have a long history of pairing up in the Marvel comics. Loki entered Strange’s world in 1964 and Asgardians have been plaguing him ever since.
In their first meeting, Loki actually tricks Strange into believing that Thor is evil. That’s a rough beginning and definitely not a friendly first-time encounter for the God Of Thunder. Strange’s relationship with Dr. Blake (Thor’s comic book earth alter-ego) was better, as they could connect as doctors.

4 Love – Clea

Clea, another sorcerer, and eventually a love interest of Doctor Strange, is rumored to be appearing in the second Doctor Strange film. She has been a presence in the Doctor Strange comic stories since 1964. She shows up as a disciple of Strange’s and their skills work well together.
Add to that the fact that they obviously enjoy each other’s company (they had a ten-year relationship in the comics) that makes for a pretty successful team and an enjoyable working environment.
3 Don’t – Daimon Hellstrom

Daimon Hellstrom has yet to join the MCU, but is slated to get his own television series. This, in part, would be due to his long history in Marvel Comics. His relationship with Doctor Strange began when he started working with The Defenders. Unfortunately Strange and Hellstrom’s relationship often sees them on opposite sides of a conflict.

Hellstrom is a bit of a schemer which can make him not terribly trustworthy and often working for the wrong side. It makes it hard to build a good relationship with another team member.

2 Love – Ancient One

The Ancient One, both in the MCU as well as within Marvel’s comic book universe, discovered Doctor Strange, recognizing the power and goodness inside the self-centered and arrogant surgeon. The Ancient One was Strange’s teacher, and it ended up being a very positive student/teacher relationship.
Out on his own Strange sometimes gets in over his head and, more often than not, the Ancient One has a history of showing up in the nick of time to help her pupil out of a bad situation.
1 Don’t – Valkyrie

Forget the Valkyrie we all love from Thor: Ragnarok and consider a character with a much older history. She became one of the first female members of The Defenders and a major player in the 1970s. While she was always a hero, and worked relatively well with the other team members, she was much more dedicated to the team than Strange was.
She showed up much more often than Strange did. He would pass up team time to work on his own.
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