Does Being An Intern Guarantee You A Job At The End?


Working as an intern gives much-needed exposure to students and those who are fresh graduates. And in 56% of the cases, an intern is offered a full job at the end as well (statistics in the USA). However, if you look at the ratio of people getting a job after an internship, it is only around 56%! This means that roughly only half of the interns actually get a job after their internship ends. You may wish to learn new qualifications on sites such as International Home Study.

So, in short, No, there is no guarantee that you will get a job at the end of the internship. However, getting employment after the internship should not be your goal at all… Internships are designed to give you exposure to real-life working environments in the relevant industries and can even help you make connections.

However, there are some things you can do to increase the chances of getting a job at the end of your internship… So that’s what we will look at today!

How to Make Sure Internship Ends With a Job

So you have done your GCSEs, A Levels Online, and even finished your degree and are now doing an internship at a great company. Everyone tells you to get an internship and how it is a great experience, even if it is unpaid. However, no one tells you what it takes to turn that internship and all the hard work you have done into a full-time job. Studying A Levels online can be more flexible then going to college.

We have listed some easy-to-use tips & strategies that will take you being an “intern” into an “employee” for the company:

Communicate Your Intentions

The first thing you can do is to clearly communicate your intentions with the supervisor or manager. You can say something like this: “I want to deliver and perform at a high level so that I get a job offer from the company.” Basically, just tell your supervisor/manager that your intention is to get a full-time job offer.

When you say this to your manager/supervisor, they will be better able to assist you and give you the kind of work that can help you land a job. Most students just want to take an internship to acquire skills, gain experience, and even get an idea of what it feels like to work in a certain industry.

Also, pay a visit to the HR department and let them know of your intentions – Whenever a new job vacancy becomes available, it is HR that gets to know about it first!

Get Feedback

Ask your manager or supervisor for a performance evaluation… This will help you to understand your strong and weak points – However, this opportunity will also highlight your achievements as well!

Use the feedback you get from the manager to improve yourself and your performance at the company!

Interact With Other Departments

You do not have to limit your interaction with your supervisor/manager and the peers in your particular department. Try to meet people and managers working in other departments – You can also attend company events, softball games, or any other events to meet with people working at the company.

Develop Your Network

Try to develop relationships with advisors and those employees who have been around for a while. The reason for developing these relationships is simple – When the time comes to decide which intern to hire for a full-time job, these people may vote in your favor!

Verdict: Does Being An Intern Guarantee You A Job In The End?

No, there is no guarantee that you will be offered a full-time job at the end of your internship. However, you can take several steps to improve your chances of landing a job… And do not forget to deliver such a performance that it becomes in the best interest of the company to hire you!

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