Does UV light kill bacteria in shoes?

Does UV light kill bacteria in shoes

Shoe smell is one of the worst smells anyone can have. It is embarrassing and sometimes, insulting as well. Washing the shoes every day is not a good solution since drying it out is a hassle and it damages the shoe too. Here comes the UV shoe sanitizer that brings a revolutionary change to clean the smell and germs of the shoes.

However, the question comes: does UV light kill bacteria in shoes? It is not universally proven that the shoe sanitizers work perfectly against the smell and bacteria inside the shoes. That is why we will discuss this today to find out whether it works or not. 

How does it work?

So, how does this UV light work against the bacteria or smell? Well, here is the process. UV lights generally come from the sun directly. Also, people can make a few kinds of UV rays as well. There are UV –A, B, and C. UV A and B are dangerous for humans. Only the UV C can work fine with the human and against the germs and bacteria. Scientists are using this UV C to make the UV sanitizer. The Shoe Care Innovations, an American shoe company introduced the first UV sanitizer that can effectively fight against the smell and bacteria of the shoes. 

You know that bacteria have lives and this bacteria causes the smell you get from the shoes. Every life on earth has RNA or DNA. Applying extreme amounts of UV rays can kill any life easily. This is the formula for killing the bacteria of the shoes. This company creates the sanitizer where it generates UV lights in a decent amount that can kill the bacteria. However, using the UV lights is challenging since direct contact with the light of the rays can reduce the effectiveness of it. That is why the company has designed the shoes in such a way that it will not get in touch with the direct light. 

Does UV light kill bacteria in shoes?

However, Does UV light kill bacteria in shoes? Well, the company claims that it works perfectly and kills the bacteria inside the shoes. Using UV light to kill bacteria is nothing new in the world. It has been used for hospitals, swimming pools, and other places to kill the germs and protect people. It is safe and more flexible to use.

That means using properly, the UV light can easily kill the bacteria in the shoes. However, as I mentioned that it does not work in the light, the shoemaker company comes with a smart sensor. It will only work when the shoes are in the dark. When it is in the light, the sensor will detect the light and the sanitizer will shut off automatically. Even if you want to bring that out from the shoes, the sensor will shut off the rays as well. 

As a result, UV sanitizer can easily kill the bacteria. However, it takes time compared to other methods since it is a chemical-free method. It takes more than 45 minutes to kill the bacteria from the shoes, unlike other methods. Also, the company claims that it can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria from the shoes within this 45 minutes to offer you a germ and smell free shoes. 


Growing bacteria inside the shoes is common, especially for the athletes’ shoes as they work hard to stay fit and improve their performance. When they work out, their feet sweat out and that helps bacteria to grow. These bacterias and germs increase the chances of different diseases related to bacteria and germs. That is why this company invents this chemical-free bacteria killer.

 So, Does UV light kill bacteria in shoes? Well, now you know that it works perfectly according to the company claim. This UV light will help a lot of people to get rid of bacteria-related problems and keep their shoes free from that bad smell. Also, it has made the shoe cleaning process much easier than ever. 

Meta Does UV light kill bacteria in shoes? Well, it works to some extent. If you want to know how it works and where it works, then read this content until the end. 

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