Does Your Home Security Pass The Test?

Take a moment to recall your most valuable belongings stored in your home. Now imagine what life would be like without them. Terrible, right? That’s exactly what a theft incident can do to you. The slightest of vulnerabilities can cause you to lose your memorable and hard-earned possessions. To avoid this, test the security of your home and determine where you can improve your home security. Here are 7 best home security solutions to consider:

1.      Utilize Motion-Sensitive Lighting

According to a survey involving 422 locked-up burglars, bright properties with proper lighting are least likely to be face theft cases, perhaps because they don’t offer a hiding place. This brings us to the conclusion that lighting an effective deterrent against home break-ins and theft. Motion-sensitive lighting is an ideal solution. Install it outside the entrance of your home and it will automatically turn on when someone approaches. Someone with malicious intentions will immediately be intimidated and run away.

2.      Lock Things Up

In many theft cases, burglars used items found around the homes to gain access. That’s why it’s important to lock up everything that can be used to break -in such as any garden tools, ladders, metal bars, and so on.

3.      Do More to Limit Access

Some thieves are smarter than you think. They’ll gain access to your home in ways you won’t have ever imagined such as your downpipes. To prevent burglars from climbing them up, apply grease or slippery paint in the downpipes.

4.      Invest in Keyless Entry Door Locks

Oftentimes, a crook isn’t even breaking in; they’re only taking advantage of a door left unlocked or have access to a duplicate key. By upgrading to a keyless-entry door lock, you won’t need to deal with keys at all. Instead, you’ll be required to enter a 4-digit code to gain access. Since you’re the only one who knows the passcode, no one else can gain entry and steal your possessions.

5.      Install a CCTV Camera

Although CCTV cameras are commonly used at commercial facilities, they deliver the same value to homes. Homeowners need to understand this and consider installing CCTV cameras at entry points and other critical areas of your home. Intruders will back away the moment they find out that the camera eye is watching them. When you do consider CCTV cameras, position them where they can be easily seen.

6.      Upgrade to a Full-Fledged Smart Home

The majority of theft cases occur when the occupants of the home are away. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can now track your home activity while at work or when traveling. This has been made possible by IoT-based smart home systems.

These are full-fledged home security systems that connect different devices such as your door locks, cameras, lights, alarms, etc through the Wi-Fi. You can control these devices right from your smartphone, using the right mobile app. You’ll be alerted of any suspicious activity or notified when a guest arrives.

In other words, upgrading to a smart home will put you in a much stronger position to ensure home security.

7.      Use Window Stops

Window stops are a quick way to prevent unauthorized intrusion from windows. These are designed to prevent windows from opening more than six inches. No burglar will be able to slip inside, and you won’t have to compromise on ventilation either.


If you enjoyed learning about our 7 best home security solutions in Houston, go ahead and decide which ones are right for your home. To order any of the home security solutions discussed above, contact BSG Texas today!

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