Do’s and Don’ts of Attending Gin Tasting in a Sydney Bar

Gin Tasting in a Sydney Bar

Sydney’s tourism is anchored on its natural wonders and architectural marvels. International visitors fly to Sydney to get their selfies at the iconic Sydney Opera House or the St. Mary’s Cathedral. They would probably also want to experience the Outback or swim at Bondi Beach and cross off their bucket list. However, in the undercurrent, there is one tourism that nobody talks much about–urban distilleries.

You may be familiar with the activity of wine tasting, but you are probably not aware that you can also have a gin tasting at a gin bar Sydney. The purpose is the same, which is to introduce you to different types and brands of the spirits.

However, if you are interested in experiencing gin tasting, here are some of the basic etiquettes that you should follow:

  • Don’t slug down your drink. The event is meant to enhance your experience and show you how to taste gin as it is meant to be enjoyed. It is not a place to get drunk.
  • Do be patient. The entire experience can run for at least two hours, and there is a reason for that. The gin bar does not unnecessarily complicate the process to annoy the guests. Each step will lead to another step, and so on. Again, the reason is to let you soak in the experience.
  • Do follow the instructions from the host. The host may tell you to swirl the gin around your mouth to trigger your taste buds.
  • Do not wear a strong fragrance. A large part of tasting gin comes from the nose. You will be taking away from the experience of the other guests if you have a very dominant perfume on you.
  • Do follow the dress code. There is something to be said about wearing a suit and tie or a formal dress to an occasion. While gin tasting is not as formal as wine tasting events, some bars may require guests to follow the theme.
  • Do try to eat something. You can skip the step if the host assures that there would be food at the event. But if you are a lightweight, it is recommended to put food in your stomach first. As you know, the food will slow down the effects of alcohol, which will prevent you from getting drunk. The host will provide the food in the hopes of enhancing the experience. Certain types of food may enhance the gin’s taste.
  • Do take note of the type of gin you like during the tasting event. Some of the brands may surprise you because you have never tasted them before, and you always stick with Gordon’s or Gin Rose when buying gin.
  • Do ask questions. The host will encourage a free-flow of ideas to keep the event fun and casual. It is an opportunity for you to ask your nagging questions when it comes to gin.
  • Do have fun. It is a gin tasting event, and the host is serving alcohol in front of you. But remember your social etiquettes. It is not the place to be boisterous. Alcohol is never an excuse to be rowdy and spoil everyone’s fun.

It is not at all unethical to spit out the alcohol during the tasting event at a gin bar in Sydney. They may even provide you with a bucket just for this reason. Keep in mind, you are attending a gin tasting event, and it is not the right time to get intoxicated.

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