Dr Andy Khawaja: Featured on the Silicon Review Cover

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An important point of concern that Allied Wallet rightly addresses is the security of the payments and it makes sure that the merchants and the customers all over the world can actually help each other properly in terms of trade. One of the major things that a lot of people tend to ignore is the fact that they do not count the intelligence of the hackers, and since we count the real cash of the people, we need to make sure that we are prioritising this particular fact at the utmost level. 

Also, this company is thinking to expand in the coming years and Dr Andy Khawaja rightly mentions about his publications that he has done recently over the Silicon review magazine. He has toiled really hard throughout the day and 9th and it is only because of his continuous effort that this organisation has come so far! 

Allied Wallet: Growing with CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja

The company Allied Wallet is growing through leaps and bounds and it has got only a few competitors in its edge. Allied wallet has been into this industry since the year 2002 and it is continuously improving on itself along these years. The most astounding thing about this particular organisation is that it focuses on providing a simpler and more flexible payment solution to the people all across the globe on an international basis. Alongside, it takes care the transactions are being processed smoothly without causing any kind of inconvenience to the users. Dr Andy Khawaja focuses on the perspective of technological innovation as well wherein he is taking care that the users are able to get things way ahead of their imagination and thus, stand at an exceptional place in respect to its competitors. 

 Allied Wallet: Comprising a top notch team

Allied Wallet has seen a lot of hardships in the way of its journey and Dr Andy Khawaja clearly states that there are a lot more to come down the line. He clearly mentions the fact that it is extremely important to ensure that we are able to offer a proper work place culture that is going to motivate the employees as well as help them to keep growing over the years. It is only when we address their requirements that we actually move ahead to see how good they have been doing once they are given the track to run! Hence, Dr Andy Khawaja, though being the CEO of the organisation, come along with the team members to make them feel as if he is no one unique to the company but is rather someone who is just apt to the organization, and is the kind of person who can mix with everyone at ease. He makes them feel as if he is also a part of that same organization as he feels that there should be a friendly factor among one and all. 

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