Dress Up: A Manual for Throwing a Memorable Costume Party

Ever stepped into a costume store and imagined wearing one of those fantastical costumes? Everyone has their fantasies about playing their favourite character or what they would have done in their shoes.

A costume party is one of the best ways to live inside the vestments of another character. It allows the host and the guests to be new personalities, even if it is for a day. Uneventful parties with just beer are no longer the norm.

Australians love being Thor, as it was immortalized, by the Australian ambassador and actor Chris Hemsworth. But do not limit the options to just Thor or other superheroes. The choices for characters are endless. Harry Potter fans go gaga over the magical things in J. K Rowling’s creation. Imagine wearing a Gryffindor robe or carrying a wand. How surreal it would be to experience it.


The emotions behind wearing a character’s clothes are what will make a costume party a success. One can be wild, eccentric, and anything they would be in such a setting. Costumes help one to be that someone they always dreamt of being. Just trying on the outfit is satisfaction enough and a more comfortable alternative to quitting a job and becoming a quidditch player.

Another reason why costume parties are a great idea is that they make the event memorable. No one will forget how that friend looked in his crazy Captain Hook costume. It is a fun, unique way to loosen up and have some juvenile fun.

The steps to throwing a memorable costume party are:


Choosing a reliable costume store is crucial. Plan so that there is enough time to reserve the costumes. Some famous costumes score high on the demand scale so book them early to lay hands on them. Inform the guests of the date to get enough time to decide and then reserve a costume.

When there is enough time to choose, one can leisurely browse through the online store to select things they need for the party. Online stores sell costumes at an affordable rate, and it is easier to choose one as well. They are user-friendly and guarantee on-time delivery.

In the case of brick-and-mortar stores, if there is sufficient time, the staff can be of immense help. They can help one to choose the right accessories to help put together the right look.


This step is crucial and should be fixed before calling the costume store.


There are two ways to go about it. Either provide the guests with costumes according to a selected one or give them a theme in advance to make their choices. With the first kind, there has to be a lot more planning, including checking the sizes.


It is the best part of planning anything. It is a creative process that is stimulating and enjoyable. Get the friends to come together- just a few who will be good with the planning and keeping secrets. Order some mocktails and jot down those ideas as they come up.

Narrowing down the choices requires considering factors like the availability of a particular costume. A reliable filter test is a process of assessing which themes have the most viability in terms of decorations, types of food, and games. If the list is long, then that theme is probably the one.


Plan ahead, reserve costumes, and enjoy.

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