Dropshipping, an emerging business strategy; legal or not


Dropshipping is an emerging business strategy that has been adopted by many people. But those who are concerned about legal issues question the legality or illegality of dropshipping. The question that dropshipping is legal or not? The answer is, it depends upon the supplier. What you are selling, legal or not? How the supplier works, legally or not? It’s all upon the supplier not on dropshipping. Dropshipping is legal when your products are legal and are manufactured through legal ways. If the products you are selling are not manufactured through legal ways, the dropshipping will not be considered legal. So, we should discuss the products and strategies which are legal in dropshipping.

Why dropshipping is legal

Let’s discuss the answers to the question is dropshipping Legal:

  1. The similarity to brick and mortar stores:

The dropshipping system is quite similar to a brick and mortar store. For instane, if you visit this store and ask for a base ball bat for you. This store is not supposed to make and manufacture it for you rather, it has collaborated with several retailers and suppliers. They contact the retailer who can supply the demanded base-ball bats and then they give it to you at the promised time.

  1. Rules of sellers:

Before starting your business, you must contact a trustworthy supplier and finalize your deal. Once you confirm to work with the supplier you are bound to follow their own rules. They have made their rules and regulations for the supply and price of goods and dropshipping. According to their MAP policy, you cannot sell the goods at your own choice.


  1. Address, working hours, and contact number of the dropshippers:

Most of the websites that work for supply and dropshipping of the goods have provided the original address of their office, their real contact number, and business hours. You have to follow their timing and are not allowed to contact any other numbers and irrelevant time and place.

  1. Affiliation with trusted brands:

Most of the dropshipping sites are affiliated with trusted brands. This affiliation allows them to work with more transparency and trust. Let’s take an example, Lighting Direct is a famous dropshipper site, it works in affiliation with eminent brands such as Ginger, Global Views, Moonrays, Nora Lighting, Ove Decors, PLC Lighting, ATG Electronics, etc. they provide them the best items to dropship and make it authentic and reliable for the clients.

  1. Example of a big brand as dropshipper:

Wayfair is a popular brand, it has also started working as a dropshipper. It cooperates with more than 200 supplier companies for the dropshipping of different types of products all over the world.

More examples of famous dropshipping websites which are highly trusted by the customers are given below:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Ali Express

Final Thoughts:

All the above-stated things completely support the legal value of dropshipping. This modern trend has brought favorable innovation in the field of business worldwide.



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