Dubai Watersports Tips


Amidst all the manmade wonders and tall buildings, visitors can still relieve the good old days of Dubai via different marine leisure activities. Amazing yacht rental in Dubai, stunning deep sea fishing, nostalgic dhow cruises, and adrenaline-pumping water sports are accessible all over the city’s beaches for any person to avail.

Things to do in Dubai

Yacht character

To get a full view of the city’s amazing skyline, watch it from the seas by taking a luxurious yacht rental in Dubai. Several firms offer yacht charter services, and take you to a wonderful cruise past the Dubai Marina and out to the Dubai seas. You are treated to amazing views of the iconic Burj Al Arab and Atlantis the palm Jumeirah. Night cruises are also accessible if you want to view the Dubai panorama light up in the chill evenings.

 Dhow cruise

Feel the nostalgia onboard a classic Arabian dhow as it cruises along amazing sites in Dubai with
holiday packages in Dubai. From this wooden sailing vessel, you can view the seamless merging  of the very old and the contemporary wonders of this Arab paradise. You can take a dhow cruise along the Dubai Creek where you can view the wonders of Old Dubai, or along Dubai marine where towering luxurious yachts line the canal.


Having all these amazing water and clear blue skies for most of the year, watersports are also famous part times in Dubai. In addition to snorkeling and swimming, you can also go kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, jet skiing and scuba diving. So book your Cheap flights to Dubai now. Resorts and beaches lining the Dubai coastline as well as in the East Coast of the UAE are best venues for those invigorating water adventures.

Deep sea fishing

With seas teaming in visitors, marine life, locals and residents will definitely enjoy a fun fishing adventure in Dubai. Fishing boats and yachts are equipped with state-of-the-art fish-finding SONAR and complicacy fishing kit so you are promised a catch that you can book and eat onboard. The boat crew and captain are professional anglers, and they would be happy to help you and give you tricks and tips on fishing. Sailfish, kingfish, barracuda, grouper, and trevally are among the many different fishes that you can catch in Dubai.

So if you love the seas, a flavor of these marine thrills should be in your list when spending your holiday in Dubai. Here are more things to do in Dubai .


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