DuckTales: D&D Moral Alignments of the Main Characters


When referring to the main gang of Disney characters (think Mickey Mouse and friends), there is not a lot of differentiation between them. They are all friends who harbor lots of wholesomeness and sweetness, if not clumsiness, too. DuckTales, however, spins off one branch of the Disney world into some pretty disparate personalities.

The DuckTales crew is comprised of many different types of birds, all of whom have goals that vary from moment to moment and episode to episode. As such, the D&D moral alignments of each character are specific to each lovable (and not so lovable, too) feathered friend.

10 Scrooge McDuck – Lawful Neutral

At the outset of Scrooge McDuck’s life, he would have been a surefire representation of Lawful Evil. However, thanks to some Christmas hijinks, he became a reformed duck and changed his ways to be more generous and caring. Now, he helps other people as much as helps himself, bringing him to neutral status.
However, Scrooge’s loyalty to money and the natural order of things brings him to lawful status, as well. A shrewd banker, Scrooge is well aware of the way systems and structures are organized. He always wants to play by the rules.
9 Huey Duck – Neutral Good

Huey, the duck clad in red, fits the billing of neutral good because he is arguably the main one of the triplets to be a bit unremarkable in terms of his characteristics. Huey has gained personality in the 2017 reboot of DuckTales, but he still is the most neutral of the three.
Of course, that does not mean Huey wants to do anything indifferently. He still aims to be a helpful duck and a loyal friend, but Huey can still manage to get into some trouble with his brothers, as well.

8 Dewey Duck – Chaotic Neutral

Dewey Duck (who wears blue) is likely the duck in the trio that evolved the most and developed the most unique traits during the 2017 reboot. He has arguably become the main character of the show, in equal measure with Scrooge, at the very least. The main hallmarks of these traits, however, is Dewey’s proclivity for getting into trouble.

He is always the ambitious ringleader of the schemes his quacking siblings get into. It comes from his family, too. Stemming from a duck crew of adventurers and explorers, Dewey is the next great spirit from the duck clan.
7 Louie Duck – Lawful Good

Of the three sibling ducks, Louie (donned in green) is the one who mostly aims to do the right thing. It’s not that Huey and Dewey are inclined to do the wrong things, but rather that they are more likely to be scurrilous. Louie is the angel on their shoulders, questioning if they should be doing the things they’re doing.
Louie is the duck who is most inclined to follow the rules and be a goody two shoes. But one can never rule out the sway and influence his brothers can have on him. He’s not immune to having a bit of fun either.

6 Webby Vanderquack – Lawful Good

Much like Louie, Webby (Webigail) Vanderquack is a lawful good character, as well. Sure, she is just as prone to embarking on some wacky fun with Huey, Dewey, and Louie, too. After all, she’s only a child who enjoys the daily spurts of adventure that their friendship can provide. However, she also aims to do what is expected of her at all times.
Likewise, in the 2017 reboot of DuckTales, Webby has evolved to take on some traits similar to Louise from Bob’s Burgers (a character who always hopes for something crazy to happen). But she also remains loyal to her 1980s character construction.
5 Launchpad McQuack – Chaotic Good

Perhaps the character who is the undeniable best from all of DuckTales, Launchpad McQuack is an insane creation. Literally, he was brought to life on DuckTales for the sole purpose of transporting the other characters to place. Except, he is never able to do so in one piece. Launchpad always crashes.

That’s literally his entire character! He is the easiest moral alignment on the entire list because he is an embodiment of well-meaning, if not slightly dim goodness. Launchpad is an agent of chaos into an orderly world. But he is so much fun.

4 Mrs. Beakley – Neutral Good

Mrs. Beakley, the caretaker and housekeeper of the Scrooge McDuck household, is always someone who will look out for whatever is in the best interests of the people in her life. However, she is also not afraid to look out for herself, too. Mrs. Beakley is an expert in delivering self-care lessons.
It’s not that she only looks out for herself, but rather she knows when it is okay to be selfish. She does so in manageable bouts of effort, as well. A good-natured duck, Mrs. Beakley is a crucial facilitator of the McDuck lifestyle.
3 Magica De Spell – Neutral Evil

There are many antagonists with whom this family of ducks come into contact with over the course of the show. However, perhaps no villain was more evil than Magica De Spell. (Though, the Ducks’ biggest rivals would likely be the Beagles.)
Granted, Magica’s sense of bad deeds is limited because of the fact that she is featured on a show for children. However, she still acts in nefarious manners that do more harm than good to the ducks. As someone who only strives to do what’s best for herself, Magica De Spell is easily pegged as neutral evil.

2 Gizmoduck – Chaotic Neutral

Gizmoduck (also referred to as Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera in the new version of the show, as a call-out to Lin-Manuel Miranda) makes appearances on both DuckTales and Darkwing Duck. A modern Renaissance bird, Gizmoduck is always trying his wing at a new job and a new gig.

He’s become one of the most beloved characters in the greater Duck universe on Disney Channel, but that does not hide the fact that Gizmoduck’s loyalty is first and foremost to himself. Helping other ducks comes second in his topsy turvy, always changing world.
1 Donald Duck – Chaotic Good

As mentioned in the opening of this article, Donald Duck belongs to both the greater Mickey Mouse gang, as well as the DuckTales universe. His moral alignment is the same in both contexts, though. Donald Duck is an absolute quack.
He is quick-tempered and his first emotion is always one of anger, which illustrates the palpable chaos present in his daily life. However, no one would ever classify Donald as evil and certainly not as indifferent either. Donald loves and wants to be loved and that alone is enough to make him truly good.
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