Engraved bricks for fundraising in 2021?

Engraved bricks for fundraising in 2021?

What is Brick Fundraising?

Brick fundraising is one kind of fundraising technique where a non-profit establishes a walkway, stone wall, brick wall, or any type of bricked or tiled surface either indoor or outdoor, and find a donor who will donate a certain amount in return for getting a chance to engrave these bricks with their personal message or name.

Why a Brick Fundraiser?

It is a very easy way to raise funds with engraved bricks. It is also a cost-effective way of fundraising for any kind of organization or event. You just need to build a brick surface and then collect funds from the donor by allowing them to engrave there.

For low-level to mid-level fundraising campaigns, brick fundraising is the most popular tactic. This tactic works most effectively for those organizations that have plenty of potential mid-level (range from $50 to $500) donors.

Fundraising with Inscribed Bricks without Upfront Costs:

Here, you don’t need to buy a product and then try to find its seller to gain a profit like other fundraisers. It’s completely different where you will collect the orders and collect cash from the doner before purchasing a single brick. Then you will engrave or purchase an inscribed brick with the cash of this brick doner. All collected money from your brick fundraising campaigns go straight to your organization at first and you don’t need to pay any Engraving company till put forwarding the order for engraving.

Engraved Bricks and walkways

Your doner may have different types of choice on selecting bricks. You will find many brick engravings companies that are able to provide an opportunity to choose from the numerous brick and colors. With them, you will also be able to offer various options to your fundraiser variety. You can also provide options for selecting the brick size. It will help you to get a high amount of donations and increase profits.

If you provide the customization options to the doner, it would be more attractive than the traditional brick marketing method. For the custom brick, you need the help of a brick engraving machine. It would be the solution to the permanent and long-lasting solution also. With the help of this machine, they can preserve memories, any person or event on bricks.

For the fundraising campaigns, you can use engraved walkways. For this purpose, you can use engraved brick pavers. You can easily personalize each paver with the help of a computer-generated process. Epoxy Filled, Laser Engraved, and Stained pavers are most popular in this sector.

Methods of Engraving Brick and Pavers

Three types of methods have mainly been used for engraving pavers. Those are: –

  • Laser Engraving
  • Sandblasted Engraving
  • Bronze Plated Engraving

Laser Engraving

In this method, lasers are used for engraving. This method is most popular among clients because of its high durability and eco-friendly. Actually, the high-powered laser melts the surface of the paver and turns it into the glass. The final result of it is a very detailed and long-lasting image. Sometimes it’s impossible to vanish the image from the paver. Its engraved areas become smoother and more spotless than the other methods. It is appropriate for making an engraved icon or message on the pavers.

Sandblasted Engraving

In this method, after taking the desired logo or text or logo, and need to make a stencil out of it. Then, this stencil is sandblasted onto the bricks or pavers for creating the engraved effect. After that, it is sealed with the help of litho chrome to preserve the engraving logo or message onto the pavers. It helps to save pavers from the damaging effects of weather.

Bronze Plaque Engraving

This engraving process is becoming more popular day by day. It is the same as the sandblasted engraving method. But this engraving industry uses bronze plaques instead of the stencil for engraving pavers.

Brick Engraving Company

There are many companies for providing brick engraving services. Such as: –

  1. Polar Engraving (https://polarengraving.com)
  2. Brick Markers USA
  3.  Bricks R Us

Polar Engraving Company

All of them, you will get more advantage from Polar Engraving company. If you don’t have any experience with brick engraving, you can get a free sample from them. You will get the opportunity to make custom brick and also can personalize your engraved brick with your creative ideas. You will get different types of products like granite, ceramic, quarry tiles, and also get options for clay and concrete bricks. So, it can be your best choice, if you want to get a huge collection of engraving bricks and tiles at an affordable price.

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