Enjoy home stay at Karimunjawa National Park

Enjoy home stay at Karimunjawa National Park

Semarang is the capital of central Java and the trade hub of the 16th Century. At first sight, it may not be as alluring as the Yogyakarta, but as you spend some night, you will feel the cultural and traditional vibe. The culture is a perfect fusion of Dutch and Chinese traditions, the cuisines, architecture speaks loudly about it. The city has two distinct segments; Semarang Bawah, the heart of the city epicenter of business transactions and colonial buildings. The other quieter is Semarang Atas, situated south of the town in the foothills of Mount Ungaran.

Karimunjawa National Park

The beaches along the coast of the city may not be that immaculate and impressive, but 90 kilometers north, there lays an isolated paradise of twenty-seven isles, most of them are devoid of human footfalls. The life of Karimunjawa is enveloped from the turbulence of cosmopolitan cities; the laid back, calm lifestyle is soporific, rejuvenating. Enjoy the stay in homely homestays, with freshly cooked, delicious, delectable plates of seafood. The marine fauna, the flora is extensive, and the school of playful tropical fish is amazing—the coral reefs on the sea and the azure horizon on top paint the untainted picture of nature. There is a hilltop on the island from where you can have the panorama of sunrise and sunset.

The Blenduk Church

This church is situated in the old town and was erected in 1753. This oldest Protestant church had unique, traditional Javanese architecture but altered to Doric order design during remodeling in 1894. Two adjoining clock tower, antique spiral wrought iron staircase gives the church the colonial, baroque look.


Most hotels in Semarang offers free parking, Wi-Fi, restaurant, and fitness center. Rooms are spotless, laundry is immaculate, and the toilets are clean. From the entry to the exit, you will be given uninterrupted attention; the etiquette staff will make your stay pleasurable and memorable. Most of the hotels are situated near shopping malls and eateries, so you can go shopping or dine. The restaurants in hotels offer nice, delicious, with plenty of choices.

Sam Poo Kong Temple 

This oldest temple was established by a Chinese Muslim explorer in the 15th Century. The original temple inside a cave was destroyed in an avalanche in 1704; the present one was curved out inside a cave adjoining to it. The pagodas and erections are painted in vibrant yellow, red, and green and is an influx of Chinese and Javanese architecture. On the sixth month of the lunar calendar, a fiesta is organized to commemorate the arrival of the explorer. The figurine of the voyager is taken out in procession in the patio of the temple. Visit this temple during this festival; you will feel the strange, mystical atmosphere.

The night market in Semarang is a perfect place to enjoy various delicate, scrumptious Chinese, Indonesian cuisines. The street vendors sell varied ethnic, tasty fried rice, soups, satays, noodles, and desserts. Do not forget to get the delectable taste of ethnic dishes like Pisang Plenet and Lumpia.

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