Escape rooms in Austin

The peaceful city of Austin is the state capital of Texas. It is known for its pumped-up live-music entertainment options. However, while music does help lighten your moods and let loose, the escape room games here help elevate them!

What is an escape room?

If you like to keep up with trends, you must be aware of this trending entertainment facility by now! Escape rooms are live-action games where you and your team have to strategize, cooperate, and communicate to complete tasks and solve puzzles before the clocks run out! This video-game inspired game aims to escape out of a locked room by using your wits and skill.

These games are usually family-friendly (unless it has horror,) so you can visit these facilities to make fun memories on your birthday, to bond with your family, or even to build your corporate team!

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best escape rooms to try in Austin. If you are looking for some out-of-the-box enjoyment and recreation, we’ve got you covered!

1. The Escape Game Austin

The Escape Game is one of the top escape game providers in America, with branches in seventeen locations like NYC and Las Vegas! Whether you are a quirky middle schooler or an oldie, their Austin escape rooms will surely satisfy your hunger for the thrills!

They offer customers five immersive escape with immersive ambiances and themes. Do you want to experience being a crime detective at least once in your life? Then Bank Heist will be the best one for you!

They claim to be America’s #1 escape brand because of their high-quality escape rooms and plotlines with jaw-dropping twists. Try out some of their games now!

2. Austin Panic Room

The majority of the escape businesses were started by escape enthusiasts who wanted their people back home to experience the immersive fun! Austin Panic Room is no exception!

As the name suggests, the escape facility will guarantee your team some panic and gentle pressure as you hurriedly scour through the room in search of the last clue! The exteriors of this establishment resemble a house, and the surroundings are peaceful. The outdoors are undoubtedly contrary to the meticulously designed escape rooms on the inside!

Break out of a dingy prison or take calculated decisions to save your beloved country only at Austin Panic escape room, Austin!

3. Great Room Escape

Great Room Escape has branches in nine locations across the USA.

From escape game fanatics to first-time-goers, their games are perfect for everyone! Along with escape games, the brand readily hosts special events and occasions with their customized party packages! There is no better way to blow the candles and celebrate your birthday in an escape room center after a thrilling Houdini-inspired escape game!

Who said the brand only specializes in escape rooms? Great Room Escape has an exclusive ax-throwing game that customers can play before or after their escape.

Not familiar with throwing axes? Don’t worry! A trained expert will first conduct teaching and practice sessions, after which they will carry out some head-on tournaments with your friends and family! Learn how to handle a 1.5 lb ax, whirl wood on the bullseye, and square off toe to toe in a group tournament only at Great Room Escape!


Ditch the cliche movie nights and nightclubbing and try something new! Escape games are perfect for families, friends, and even coworkers! They are also a great way of encouraging team-building and communication in groups.

Escape rooms are a treat for kids and adults alike! They are bound to satisfy your craving for adrenaline through a 60-minute game! Grab your tickets for an immersive escape room Austin!

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