Essential Apps for Renters during Social Distancing

Essential Apps for Renters during Social Distancing

Social distancing is a new phenomenon that has occurred due to the current pandemic of Coronavirus. The cities are closed down and it is difficult for you to leave your home. This doesn’t mean that life has stopped and you cannot carry out your activities. The technology comes out as a big help in this pandemic to allow you to continue your routine activities during this pandemic. And with nowadays technologies you can about “writing my papers to handle all the payments”. You can do it with the help of numerous services.

Living in a rented apartment, you have to pay your rent, bills, have enough grocery and food items to meet your basic needs. Technology has made it easy for everyone to use online platforms to meet these essential needs. Here are a few options that you as a renter can use during social distancing. It will keep you not only safe but allow you to pay your bills on time as well.

Pay Your Rent:

Monthly rent is an important financial aspect that every renter has to take care of. There are online platforms available by many properties that you can log in to make payments and submit your maintenance requests. You can use these options to avoid physical contact with anyone and pay your rent regularly.

Some properties do not use any online platforms to facilitate you with virtual interaction with owners or real estate people. In this case, you can ask your agent or landlord to share their account number. You can use online banking, offered by all the banks, to pay your rent without any physical contact in this pandemic.

Online Utilities Bill Payments:

Another monthly expense for every person is the utility bills payments that include electricity, water, internet services, or any other service that you are using. Most of the service providers and properties offer an online option to pay the bills. If you have a service provider or property that does not offer an online option you can use third party online platforms that make it possible for you.

These third-party platforms also help you keep your bills in one place and give you an overview of your financial budget without doing too many calculations. Just make sure that the platform you are using to pay your bills is synced with your service providers to avoid any hassle.

Prism Money and MyCheckFree are the two most famous apps that you can use to pay your bills. Both of these apps are free to use and make direct payments to your service provider without any additional charges.

Grocery Delivery:

Another big ask in this pandemic, if you are living in an apartment and don’t have a garden to grow vegetables for your use, is grocery shopping. In the recent past, there is a boost in apps and online platforms that help you resolve this issue. You just need to place an order and these apps will deliver the items at your door.

It is always better to look for some local businesses to support them grow in this pandemic. You can check their social media pages to see if they have a delivery service or not. In the case of no local business, you can use already established services that will deliver things from a store of your choice.

Some famous apps that you can use are Instacart, Boxed, and The Fresh Market for grocery delivery.

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