Establishing A Notable Name: The Bvlgari Watch History

Founded by a very talented silversmith, Sotirios Voulgaris, in 1884, the now very popular luxury brand that is known for its elegant collection of exquisite watches, is the brainchild of a man who has a strong passion for silver objects and antiques. This Italian brand has its own stores in the streets of Via Condotti in Rome, showcasing a variety of jewelry and accessories that Art Deco and French design inspired.

Originally named as “Old Curiosity Shop”, its humble beginnings have made Bvlgari the prestigious and well-known brand as it is today. To date, you will always see celebrities and popular individuals wearing a Bvlgari watch on their arms. It has made looking at the time a little more different.

A growing family business

As the business continues to grow, Sotirio was joined by his two sons, Giorgio and Constantino. The two made significant contributions to the company. Through their recommendations, Bvlgari has focused on creating high-end, luxury jewelry targeting high-class individuals. 

It was in the 1920s when Bvlgari started creating high-end products, reflecting French-inspired designs using platinum and diamonds. Aside from that, each of their watches is meticulously designed with geometric excellence and an Art Deco-inspire creativity which was known as the dominant style in the 1920s.

Because of these initiatives, the brand has produced timeless wristwatches for every man and woman that is known today.

Notable Bvlgari Watch Designs

Diamonds are forever, and they attract every woman to every piece of jewelry or accessories with them in it. Hence, this is one of the notable signature materials that are always present in every Bvlgari watch — from circular to triangular cut diamonds. Bvlgari is also known for its stunning platinum wristwatches. Most of their watch collections use platinum. 

When Sotirio passed away in 1932, the two brothers take charge of the business and developed innovative watch creations. It was in these years they launched a very bold design of platinum wristwatch for men. It has a rectangular case frame with a Greek key motif. It is also equipped with new features such as date aperture and auxiliary seconds.

The Lucky Snake Watch and the Thriving years

One of the most notable and well-known Bvlgari watch design is inspired by snakes. This collection has put the brand on the map of luxury watches around the world. In the late 1940s, they created a collection of sophisticated watches inspired by Roman traditions. The gold coiled serpents wrapped on their arms concealing the watch dial have become an ensemble of style for many women around the world. It somehow depicts the goddesses of the old times.

The impact of this lucky snake watch design can still be seen up to today as some of their tall office buildings are designed with a wrapped snake around it. Through the years, it has been the signature icon representing the brand. Also inspired by the swirls of the snake watch, the company also released the Tubogas bracelet, which is made of long bands of gold or steel. You can use it as a watch strap when inserted with a stylish watch dial.

These fashionable styles have easily captured the hearts of international celebrities such as Liz Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. Even in the early years of Bvlgari, they have set standards among other luxury watches, making them the go-to choice of elite individuals.

Bvlgari in the New Generation

Through the years, Bvlgari has launched countless watch designs and collections that cannot be missed. And because of their contribution to the industry, other companies have a keen eye for being part of them. Starting in 2005, there have been a lot of acquisitions that took place. From merging with established Swiss companies to well-known watch manufacturers, and up to merging with another luxury brand giant Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari has truly come a long way since it was founded.

These acquisitions have only made the brand more powerful than the first days of opening its doors. They have created a name that can never be easily outshined. Creating timeless pieces for both and women, Bvlgari continues to be a name to remember in quality, luxury watches. We hope this article helps you in getting the perfect one for yourself or your loved one.

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