Everything You Need to Know About IM Academy Before Trading

Understanding the financial markets is not an easy task. Getting to know, in a theoretical way, the concept of trading with listed assets is significantly different from being able to operate in the stock market. Thanks to the IM Academy online training program, which is based on practical courses offered by financial experts, it is possible to get a comprehensive financial education in financial trading. IM Academy allows you to acquire valuable trading keys to be able purchase-sale listed assets once you have completed the program. Here below, there is the explanation why studying at IM Academy is the most suitable formula to start off in the world of trading.  

What’s IM Academy?

IM Academy is an online education platform that helps students to understand how the operating system in the stock market works with specialization in financial trading. Due to the fact that trading is based on an investment method based on purchasing/selling assets with major fluctuations, requires previous knowledge. However, with appropriate training and the support of a specialized academic institution like IM Academy, it is possible to begin operating in a short period of time.

Training program based on the “Academies” model  

The IM Academy study model is based on a varied range of educational programs. Established in modules and known as “Academies” they are distributed in four training programs that are classified with the following names: FRX, HFX, DXC and ECX.

The first academy known as FRX, is based on Trading in Forex. Its objective is helping students to understand how the foreign exchange market works on Forex as it is one of the larger markets with more operations in the world. Forex’s main business model is based on the conversion from one currency to another and is one of the most attractive markets for investors. However, it is also one of the most volatile due to currency fluctuations. The FRX module at IM Academy, has been specifically created to give an answer to the high interest on that exchange market. It contains more than 76 videos where you can find all of the detailed information about trading forex. The FRX academy shows from beginner to advanced level, what is Forex, how it works, and the strategies needed for risk management planning. This module includes online and streaming classes with different teachers. Successful completion of the module includes an assessment to practice what has been learned.       

The second academy is the HFX. This academy is based on the study of high frequency exchange. This course has been designed to figure out real-time opportunities and introduces techniques that allow you to operate in different markets at the same time. This type of trading, which is highly influenced by technology, is one of the most used by investment banks and hedge funds but also by private investors. It is a considerably more automated kind of trading that operates through algorithms and which is relevant to know due to the high introduction of technology in the past years. This module is structured with 95 videos including methods, analysis, and strategies to manage data in the high frequency exchange. Once the module is finished, the online classes completed, and the test at the end of the module is passed, it is easier to begin as an investor in high frequency exchanges.           

 The third academy is the DCX, and it teaches students all the concepts about the digital currency exchange. This module is an introduction about the different kinds of digital currencies and trading systems based on digital currency. This is a training program seeking to differentiate concepts such as cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology and digital currencies. This module is specialized in getting to know the features of these type of currencies, allowing you to evaluate its fluctuation and the way it operates. In addition to that, the course introduces concepts that are still pending approval such as the possibility to be adopted for the banking sector. The DCX module is structured in 25 videos and like previous academies, it includes access to the online classes and an assessment test at the end of the module.

The fourth academy named ECX, is based on teaching the pillars of an ecommerce business. This module is an excellent supplement to understand which are the basic principles of online stores. The course contains a brief introduction to the online sales model, how to create an online shop and which are the recommended marketing techniques to create brand awareness for a new online business. Also, the course offers advice in terms of customer service and payments. All this to create an attractive business which offers value to the end customer. The structure of this module is established in 450 videos and includes access to the online classes and the final assessment.

Finally, IM Academy makes available a fifth academy called Elite. This is the most comprehensive training program in trading that you can find at IM Academy. The Elite program allows students to get maximum gains in financial learning. The Elite package includes the bundle package of the FRX, HFX and DCX academies. The discount when buying these three academies is higher and represents a reduction of 54% in the initial subscription and includes a 48% discount on each monthly subscription. It is an excellent option to get higher education in financial assets while taking advantage of the price reduction when buying the three courses, instead of purchasing the academies as individual programs. 

Why do I need to register at IM Academy?

 IM Academy, in addition to being an academic center focused on financial markets,  introduces a methodology which adapts to the student ‘s lifestyle. The access to content is unlimited, interactive, and because it is pre-recorded, it can be watched as many times as desired. This is, without doubt, one of the major advantages as there are materials that can be prepared prior to the online sessions or reviewed after the session. 

All modules come with online sessions that are given by the IM Academy trainers. The trainers called “Educators” offer online sessions following the “goLive” model. The advantage of these sessions is that they are available in 13 languages, and they are suited to different time zones. Each session customarily lasts one hour and once it is finished, offers the opportunity to ask questions. This hybrid model between pre-recorded and live education is the model that makes the IM Academy program successful.

 What is the price of IM Academy?

 IM Academy is a continuous training program that offers unlimited access to its contents, and it is based on a monthly subscription. Each academy costs $234 (initial payment) and $174 the following months. However, the Elite program, because it is the more comprehensive program at IM Academy, has a price of $324 (initial) and $274 (monthly) subscription. If you would like to advance in your professional career or are just simply looking for other ways of getting financial gains, do not hesitate! Subscribe to IM Academy and learn about trading with this comprehensive training program. 

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