Everything You Need To Know About Pedestrian Laws in Los Angeles

Everything You Need To Know About Pedestrian Laws in Los Angeles

It is surprising but most of the pedestrian traffic death in the US occurs during the night. It can be on an open road or at any intersection point. The pedestrians and the car driver mostly crash with each other on intersection points. These crash-related injuries can be fatal or non-fatal that depends on the rational behavior of both parties on the road.

Traffic laws have been made mandatory both for pedestrians and drives. There are a set of instructions or laws that every driver has to follow. Likewise, there are pedestrian laws for people in Los Angeles to avoid such uncertainties on the road. Failing to abide by the law attracts a heavy penalty.

These injuries have now become too common. Pedestrians are required to follow the laws, specifically created for their safety. These laws are drafted to decrease Los Angeles pedestrian crossing injury. However, it seems to increase by spiking numbers year on year.

Here are some crucial facts a pedestrian should know while walking on the streets.

Who Are Pedestrians?
Pedestrians are the people who are walking, jogging, or running.  It also includes the one with wheelchairs and skateboard.

Jaywalking Is A Crime:
Jaywalking means crossing a road without using a crosswalk mark on the streets or without following the indication of the crossing signal. It is a crucial factor contributing to fatal injuries even leading to serious accidents.

Before that, if you are caught with an attempt to do so, you will be changed with an exorbitant fine amount.  By Jaywalking you put your life along with the driver’s life at risk. An individual is liable to pay a fine up to $197 and this can increase depending on the case.

Where can Pedestrians use their Right Of Way? What Does It Mean?
The right of way means the pedestrians’ right to cross the road. By using the right of way, the drivers are bound to stop their vehicle till you complete crossing. However, a pedestrian can use this right only on marked crosswalks and intersection points.

It facilities both parties to walk their way avoiding any serious injury or accidents. The right of way is ceased when the pedestrian is at any place other than crosswalks or intersection.


Can You Walk Freely On The Streets?
No you can not walk freely on the streets. One has to use only the sidewalks and not the street. Pedestrians can legally walk on the streets only when there is no sidewalk. It is preferred to walk on the side where you can face or see the vehicle arriving towards your side. This will save you from accidents.

Can You Walk On The Bike Lanes?
If avoidable, pedestrians must not use bike lanes to walk.

The rational behavior of both the pedestrian and the driver can save each other from dangerous accidents. The driver must slow down or stop if they spot a pedestrian that may cross their path. Just as important, pedestrians must follow the laws while crossing the street.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, consult an attorney to settle with the legal claims.

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