Facebook Paid Marketing Campaigns: A Weapon for Pakistani Businesses

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With the economic crisis generated by COVID-19 in the recent year, most startup and small businesses have to change their marketing strategy with an ever increasing emphasis on social media and digital marketing to boost their products. Facebook is the world’s most powerful social media platform that catches that attention of millions of marketers to reach wider audiences. There are a number of Facebook paid and unpaid advertising options available for small businesses to enhance their revenues. If you are looking for boosting your small firm in Pakistan using social media marketing services, then our post is helpful for you to decide which social media company should be chosen that uses the following robust strategies to help your business thrive in 2020.

The Importance of Facebook Paid Marketing

Whether you want to optimize your blog or website for mobile devices or improve customers targeting, you can try a range of tried and tested strategies to boost your business. There is no one who can stop you from reaching success if you choose the right social media marketing company in Pakistan to get a best return on your investment.

  1. Use a Hybrid Facebook Marketing Campaign

We live in a modern digital era when customers are using many different mobile devices and spending more time online. Customers journey can start while users are on their desktop researching a new product a while users are on their desktop researching a new product. This is the reason; Pakistan’s top digital marketing and social media specialist Rizwan Zahid states that “there is no single social media platform you should use to make sure that you get a wider audience reach. You should focus as a digital marketer to use many platforms and raise the awareness of your customers”.

However, this does not mean that you should ignore Facebook for other social media such as Instagram or Twitter. But according to the awareness level of all customers, an intelligent social media marketer can guess customers understanding of your products and how well they work to solve their problems. Therefore, marketers must incorporate desktop and mobile outreach strategies to help customers raise their level of awareness.

The bottom line here is that if you want to hire a social media company in Pakistan to boost your traffic, and then make sure that you hire a competent team of professionals who know how to use hybrid Facebook social media marketing strategies.

  • Create a Robust Pay-per-click Strategy and Increase your Site Visits

When you use Facebook ads, you use paid advertisements an d pay every time when some user clicks your add  A strong Facebook advertising strategy takes this idea and gets more people to click on ads. This means that if you get a bigger number of clicks, your chances of funneling people will become better. This means that you will get higher revenue potential from the ads. Therefore, according to Rizwan Zahid, the CEO of SEO.COM.PK, Pakistani’s top digital marketing and web Development Company, a strong Facebook marketing strategy includes using more than one PPC strategy. The advantage of this strategy is that if one strategy fails, the other one can perform well.

  • Run a Strong Competitors Analysis

Once you have a good understanding of the types of ads your audience responds to, it’s time to branch out. This means that you must conduct a thorough competitor’s analysis to understand the preferences of your competitors’ customers. Use this opportunity to find out what are the audiences of your rivals are responding to and make your PPC ads stand out from the rest.

The data that you will get from these initiatives will help you as a Facebook marketer to understand the needs of your customers in a proper manner. Based on the result of your detailed competitor’s analysis, you must underhand the problem your audience is trying to solve.

  • Add Facebook Messenger Ads

An intelligent digital social media marketer can always know the importance of messenger ads. The platform has grown tremendously over the years to reach the wider audiences. Facebook messenger allow you to reach out to customers directly; this can give you an opportunity to open a channel that will allow you to offer really targeted ads.

The major benefit of this type of Facebook messenger ad and other types of Facebook ads is call to action strategy incorporation. For example, this time, instead of telling customers to go to your Facebook page or a landing page on the website, Facebook messenger ads are good tools that invite customers to start a new conversation. Based on the questions received, you can surely use powerful Facebook features and set pre-programmed responses for customers. This is an excellent way to engage customers. Therefore, always choose a Pakistani SMM company that can efficiently use Facebook paid ads effectively.

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