Famous Movie Places You Can Visit In Real Life Without Having To Pay Entrance:

Most films are shot on film sets created for the occasion. However, directors also travel the world looking for real settings that give movies more credibility.

This implies that these scenarios can be visited in real life by any fan. Today we bring you some of these film sets, the most important and well-known so that you can plan your next trip with your friends to any place in the world.

Pack your suitcase and visit these film sets

Los Goonies:

The Goonies is one of those movies that we have all seen as children. The mythical final scene, when the pirate ship emerges from its hidden place and sails out of a cave, will always be a nostalgic moment in the history of cinema.

Currently, the house that was used in the filming can be visited and you will find it at 368 38th Street in Oregon along with other houses that also appear in the film. 

Just a few meters away, you can also enjoy the setting of all the scenes that take place on the beach, Cannon Beach.

Other than this if you are interested in making your own film in Miami but you don’t have any best location then don’t worry because the Miami film studio is here for you.

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Jurassic Park:

The most successful movie of the 90s was shot on Isla Nublar. This island was named after the movie was shot. 

It is located a  few kilometers from the beaches of Costa Rica and you can visit the amusement park and the filming set recreated for the film.

There are numerous tours to explore the island and, don’t worry, you won’t cross any dinosaurs.

The night of the Living Dead:

One of the best-known and most famous horror films in the history of cinema. Released in 1965, it was recorded in Pittsburgh, United States. 

The original house in the film was demolished a few decades ago but the cemetery is still standing, as is the chapel, although it is a bit affected by the passage of time.

In 1990 a remake of the film was made and the same film sets were used as in the original, including the cemetery and the chapel.

Friday the 13th:

The scary movie that marked a before and after in this format was filmed in and around Camp Crystal Lake. 

These settings are located in New Jersey and are in good condition, so if you liked it and want to make your hair stand on end walking through the forest, you can visit the abandoned cabin.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

The house where the main family in this story lived was bought years ago by some newcomers to the city and they turned it into a restaurant. 

The surprising thing? The house was built for the film in Texas but was moved years later to Kingsland where the restaurant was established.

It closed in 2012 and reopened when the new owners began to publicize the origin of the house.

Indiana Jones:

Indiana Jones visits all kinds of exotic locations in his movies, including the Cliff of Petra for the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It is one of the most visited monuments in Jordan and we assure you that it is beautiful, although you will not find any Holy Grail inside.

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