FAUG Game APK Download – How to install FAUG?

faug game download apk

You can now download FAUG Game apk from major APK websites. After the ban of PUBG and many other apps in India, the demand for FAUG App is soaring. People are constantly looking for alternate Indian PUBG apps and FAUG has come up on the top. Ncore gaming and Akshay Kumar has announced that FAUG Game apk shall be made available soon.

Download FAUG Apk soon

You will soon be able to get the FAUG Game Apk download link on the official website. You will also be able to download the game on play store where it will be launched by Ncore gaming company. Besides, the game shall be free of charge and will have ideas related to Indian army in it.

Fake APK files rounding Internet

Meanwhile, many websites are providing fake apps in name of FAUG. Beware of those websites and do not download any app that impersonates itself as FAUG game. Some of the other apps on Play Store have been launched by name of FAUG but have only text in them about how to play FAUG. Do not download those apps.

FAUG APk will be released in October

According to major news sources, the FAUG Game APK download links shall be launched in October, most possibly after the first half of the month. Official announcement shall be most likely made by Akshay Kumar on twitter.

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