Fitness regime in 2021: A new way of working out

Everybody’s fitness regime is as unique as they are. The styles have changed recently with the advent of the pandemic. People have gone remote and online. Most of them prefer to exercise in the comfort of their homes. But how long can one stay at home to exercise?

The fitness industry took a massive hit when the pandemic spread across the continents. Most of the gyms shut, and many feared to close their business for good. As time passed by and many responded well with online classes, the health industry found a new way to continue their business.

Here are some of the trends that have been caught up successfully,

Health apps

You find an app for every exercise these days online. An app just dedicated to helping you with abs, biceps and/or triceps etc. With a minimum subscription, you can now access a wide variety of exercises.

This trend gained popularity, especially during the pandemic time where everyone was quarantined at their respective places. These days it is easier to just order the machines that you need through online websites and create a mini gym at your home. The apps also prompt the home items equivalent to the weights for those who can’t / don’t want to buy any piece of equipment.

Train online

Of course, the gym halls and sports rooms are not as full as they used to be before. But few gym owners have found online training as the new medium to connect to their members and teach them their routines.

You can also start online classes by taking zoom calls regularly. It will keep your members motivated and something to look forward to in these difficult times. You can also choose to expand and add new members by increasing your contacts through emails. is an email address finder tool that fetches you hundreds of valid contacts in just a matter of seconds. It also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account so finding the contact of the profile becomes easy.

Health over fitness

If you’ve observed the trends online, people have taken up the quarantine challenge to take care of their health. Sure, many of them have lost weight. The pandemic was an eye-opener for all, if not most of us, that we do not have to look a certain way to be accepted in society.

We as a society are slowly accepting the changes and understanding the facts about health & its prominence. Since most of the fast-food joints and junk food take-outs were shut for some time, it forced everyone to have an insightful look at themselves and their lifestyle. And thus, people started caring more about their health than just fitness.

Mind & health

Yoga and meditation were indeed a part of the fitness training pre-Corona. However, the interest in keeping the mind healthy intensified during the pandemic. Humanity’s future was uncertain and that jeopardised the mental health of many. According to a report, in 2020, Yoga was the top most common workout.

Because it manages to calm your nerves down while you also burn some calories. Yoga has proven to improve your psychological state of wellbeing as well. So in these unprecedented times, consider yoga to be a part of your fitness regime.


With an increase in technology in our day-to-day lives, it has become easy and convenient to finish our chores. The ability to customize it as per our needs gives more opportunities for the fitness industry to grow. By innovating a new way of working out, we sure have found an interesting way to survive!

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