Five Earring styles to own

Five Earring styles to own

A women’s love for adornment is an open secret, of all the items that aid in elevating beauty, earrings play an important role. Unlike the olden days where women used to own limited clothes and a pair or two earring sets, the millennial women have an entirely different take on accessorizing, for them earrings and clothes run parallel. The more the merrier concept at the backdrop and the spirit of minimalism is what rules the hour. Having said that, women grew from the stereotype adornments to accessorizing the right way as per occasion and outfit- from clothes to Jewellery, from accessories to footwear, everything underwent enormous reinventions in style, patterns, and designs.

Here are a few handpicked styles that you should try your hands on:

Sui Dhaga Earrings

As the name suggests, the model comes in a thin gold thread model with an eloquent design as a button to fasten on the earlobe. The gold Sui dhaga earrings are not just trendy they are – easy, effortless, and lightweight too making them comfy wear on Indian or western wear. You can also find a low-cost diamond variation that is elegant. Sui dhaga are popular for their lower weight range and high affordability factor.


A staple in every women’s treasure chest, hangings can be varying in lengths. Gold Hanging earrings nurture a carefree style that stands unique bringing out the beauty of the adorner in an unknown way. They popularly come in different patterns- geometric, abstract, floral, bohemian, and many more. The hangings are a must-have style.

Diamond Studs

Simple, subtle, and scintillating the diamond studs are evergreen. They stand out on an LBD or that highly traditional Indian Kurta in your wardrobe. Diamond studs are preferred by many millennial women nowadays for their minimalist look. Diamond studs come in either a single stud model or in union with petite diamonds. These are age neutral adornment- looks equally well on a baby as well as adults, of which the seven-star diamond studs are the famous variation amongst older women.


Chandbalis have made a big comeback in the recent past. Its connection to the ancient Indian heritage is probably what makes it famous. A go-to adornment of the maharanis and the ladies of the Mughal clan, Chandbalis are a treasure to own. One should have a pair of Chandbalis for all the traditional events, they will offer a stunning look on Indian wear especially the flowy floor touch gowns, cocktail gowns, lehengas, Ghargras, etc.

Temple Jhumkis

A great to have a style in your Jewellery chest are the Jhumki earrings. In the number of Jhumki variations, our handpicked choices are the temple Jhumkis. They are heavy, occasional wear and give a stunning elegance to Indian outfits. A temple Jhumki comes is dressed up with traditional designs like the peacocks, goddess Lakshmi motif, elephants, pearl drops, floral vines, and classical temple architecture patterns.

Earrings in any model are timeless for sheer grace they usher, therefore it is wise to have one of each style. While buying look at the price and weight ranges and while selecting choose the one that is not in oyur Jewellery chest. This way you can own an assorted collection.

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