Five Simple and Effective Steps to Clean Your Mattress

Five Simple and Effective Steps to Clean Your Mattress

Keeping Those Tiny Monsters Out: Five Simple Steps to Clean Your Mattress

Fleas, ticks, mites, and bugs are the common types of insects usually found in our beds. They are the tiny monsters that beset us in our sleep and even deprive us of our sweet dreams.

After a long day of struggle from work, there’s another battle waging in our beds by this nocturnal enemy. Night after night, we scratch, we scrape, we itch, and we seem to be losing the battle. We rarely fill our desired time to rest because of these tiny monsters. Our productivity drops to an all-time low. We feel exhausted at the very start of our day from the lack of sleep during the night. Deadlines beat us, and our boss is not happy.

It’s much worse if we have allergies because these insects can very well trigger them. They invade our beds and mattresses because of stains, filth, and sweat accumulated because we either forgot or neglected to clean them.

Now, what are the ways to prevent this nightly battle? Here are the five simple steps to clean your mattress and keep those tiny monsters out.

1. Passing a Vacuum Over

This is the first step in cleaning your mattress. If you want to get rid of those scraps of crackers that attract these little insects into your beds, remove the cover first and pass a vacuum cleaner over your mattress and let it suck them out. Vacuum is great but if you want a long term solution, opt for bedbug heater by Pest Pro to forever eliminate those sneaky pests.

2. Spot Clean Stains

We need to do a bit of chemistry on our second step. Grab the hydrogen peroxide (you can buy this at the grocery store), liquid dish soap and unused toothbrush.

Combine one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in a small container. Dip your unused toothbrush in the solution and scrub out the mattress stains.

3. Deodorize

What we need on our third step is baking soda. Why baking soda?

Because it has sodium bicarbonate that can absorb odors to deodorize your mattress. You only need to sprinkle a slight amount of baking soda over the mattress surface and let it sit for a couple of hours.

Then pass that vacuum cleaner again over the mattress. After this, your mattress will be as fresh as new.

4. Get your Mattress some Air and Sunlight

If you want to kill the insects and bacteria on your mattress, you might need to let them get some air and sunlight. After doing the first three steps, get your mattress a good sunbath outside.

It’s either you haul the mattress into your backyard or open a window in your bedroom to let the air and sunlight in. UV rays in the sun are your best ally in getting rid of bacteria and eliminating odors from your mattress.

5. Get your Mattresses some Cover for Protection

Now’s perhaps the right time to buy your mattress some cover. Covers are the best protection from dust and other kinds of dirt on our mattresses.

If you have a cover for your mattress, you can just easily take it off and wash it in the washing machine. In this way, the less dirt, the less it is for our mattresses to be invaded by those tiny monsters.


It’s easier to find solutions if you define the right problem. In our case, finding remedies to get rid of insects in our mattresses lie in finding time to clean our mattresses. Insects such as bugs, mites, fleas and ticks will more than likely find the right habitat in our dirty mattress if we don’t follow the simple steps mentioned above. If you feel that they are already out of control, don’t lose hope since you can still save your bed with the help of a bedbug heater by Pest Pro. You don’t need to be an expert exterminator to use it, it’s safe and easy to use by homeowners.


Follow the steps and win the battle against these annoying opponents.If your mattress is too old or beyond the point where cleaning will help it’s probably time to buy a new one.

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