Factors to Consider When Looking for a Free Manga Site in 2020

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The search for best quality, free manga sites is not as easy you might have thought. With so many amazing free and paid manga sites out there, choosing a particular one can get quite confusing. But still, you need an excellent quality manga site if you want to make the most out of your manga reading experience. Finding a manga site that lets you read your favorite manga for free, and in HD quality, will take your manga reading fun to a whole new level. 

Free manga sites like mangastream and MangaFox are a great option for reading manga online. And if you don’t prefer these sites, well don’t worry. We’ll tell you how you can find a manga site that you like. 

Let’s go over some of the factors that you need to consider when looking for a free manga site in 2020     

  • Free Vs Paid Manga Sites

There are free and paid online manga platforms that you can visit to read manga. Although the final decision is yours, we’d recommend free manga sites like mangastream for reading manga online. Free manga sites offer a huge collection of manga for free of cost, that you can read from your smartphones as well as PC. Still, if you prefer paid manga sites, you can go for them too. We like free manga sites because they offer almost the same level of manga quality as paid manga sites (except for a few ads on the site).       

  • Manga Reading Experience 

Your manga reading experience on a site can be affected by a lot of factors. It can be affected by the manga quality, the loading speed of the site, the ease of navigation and so much more. You need to judge a manga site through the manga reading experience on that site. If you can read manga in an easy way, without unnecessary interruptions, you should be good to go.       

  • Catchy User Interface

The user interface design of the site should be made with the modern UI design approach. The newer the design approach, the easier would be the navigation across all pages of a manga site. Manga sites that have a catchy user interface tend to offer a better quality of services. Because it shows that they care about their user’s experience on their site.    

  • Japanese and English Translated Manga 

You can find sites that are dedicated to the original Japanese manga, or you can find sites that offer English translated versions of the same manga. There are also some sites that offer both types of manga. So, figure out the kind of manga that you like to read and find a site that offers that type of manga. You can check out Past News for details about all these types of manga sites online.  

  • On-Page Ads

The ads on the manga site can make or break your manga reading experience. Most of the free manga sites have ads on them. But you can’t avoid these ads because since the manga is free, these free sites use ads instead to make money. So, you can’t really complain about that. But still, you can find manga sites that have fewer ads. And this is what you should prefer when looking for manga sites online.    

  • Manga Quality 

The manga quality offered by a site is a must factor that you need to consider. Most people think that free manga sites don’t have decent manga quality. But that is just not true. Manga sites like mangastream offer remarkable manga quality which is on par with the paid manga sites. The bottom line is, you need to base your search for the best free manga sites, on the manga quality that they have to offer.    


There you go! These are the most important factors that can help you find a top-rated manga site for an awesome manga reading experience. Reading manga online is a great way of passing your free time. 

But again, if the site that you are going to is not good, you are going to have a poor manga reading experience. So, make sure to find a good quality manga site to read manga online. Let us know what your preferred options are for reading manga online, in the comments section.  

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