Future of accountants in Singapore

If you are keen on pursuing accountancy as a career then you have to ensure that you put in a good amount of research before the job. There are several ways to enter this sector and you can make your choice based on the kind of work positions you seek.

This field is vastly popular and relevant all around the world as every business has to take care of its finances and accounts. Singapore is a great place for practising accountants as well as students who are about to enter this field.

Accountancy is a sector in which you need a lot of skills and relevant knowledge to be able to do carry out your duties. A qualification from a registered institution is another important requirement in accountancy. In Singapore, you can pursue various kinds of programs in this field ranging from a bachelor degree to preparation for Singapore CA and globally recognised Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) certificate. Finance course Singapore is a strong platform to ensure a long and stable career.

Accountancy in Singapore 

Doing accountancy in Singapore is beneficial for students as they can take up various routes of career progression. One of the most popular is taking up professional qualification a preparatory programme that equips one with strong fundamentals required for taking ACCA qualification.

Such a degree can help you in landing great roles in the international sector as ACCA has a globally-oriented curriculum. This leading international body also puts you in a profitable position for making excellent career choices and opens up many new possibilities. You can choose to work in Singapore or apply in any other country after earning an ACCA degree.

Also, the best part of doing ACCA preparation with an established institute like LSBF is that you can also go for another degree such as the MBA alongside. This further consolidates your footing in this industry and builds up your expertise. The more training and knowledge you gain, the better options you have for pursuing higher job roles.

ACCA in Singapore 

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city where students and professionals from all over the world come down to study or work. Many multinationals have their base in this city and are thriving due to the constant technological up-gradation that Singapore undergoes.

The place is a hub of finance, offering unlimited opportunities to accountants. Hence, you can surely enjoy a long and successful career in this country given that it’s a leading name in this field. There is certainly no dearth of opportunities here and with a degree like ACCA, you will surely land up a great job role.

Aside from earning a lucrative salary, ACCA assures that you rise higher in your career as it imbibes you with an exhaustive skill set. This means that you can easily get promotions and increments and climb the ladder of success.

ACCA certificate holders have a distinct place in the accountancy field and are considered more capable of performing job roles concerning the international arena. Also, given that ACCA degree and its preparatory programs are cost-effective, anyone can easily pursue them without feeling burdened about the cost.

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