Game Of Thrones: 10 D&D Memes That Will Have You Cry-Laughing


While Game of Thrones has become a truly iconic part of the cultural and television landscape, its creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have earned themselves the dubious distinction of being two of the most reviled and disliked showrunners.

While the show started off strong, earning critical love and huge viewership for HBO, the last season, in particular, earned a great deal of criticism and outright dislike, even from the fan’s most steadfast fans. As a result, the internet has had a little bit of a field day with memes taking aim at Benioff and Weiss, often using their very show against them.

10 Even the Hound Hates Them

In the history of Westeros, there’s perhaps no pairing more hilarious than Arya and the Hound. Their journeys are some of the highlights of the show, allowing two of the series’ most formidable talents to really bring the best out of each other.
They thus serve as a perfect vehicle to point out just how bad Benioff and Weiss became as the series went on until it seemed like they were checking entirely out of the show and the world that they had taken such care to create and in which so many people had invested their time and energy.
9 A Meeting of Franchises

The exchange between Thanos and the phantom of his daughter Gamora in Infinity War is one of the most haunting in the entire series of Marvel films, a testament to just how much Thanos was willing to give up in the pursuit of his own vision of morality.
This scene is thus perfect for a vehicle for criticizing the ways in which Benioff and Weiss sacrificed all sense of coherency or narrative sense in their efforts to continue upping the ante and making their audiences rethink their expectations for the show. It cost everything, indeed.

8 Murderers!

George RR Martin has a well-deserved reputation for being willing to kill off a truly staggering number of the main characters that we come to love in the course of the novels. If there’s anything worse than killing beloved characters, however, it’s killing off good plotting and good storytelling.
There’s no question that Benioff and Weiss did that in the course of the eighth season (and to some extent in the seventh), as they frantically tried to bring all of the various plot threads to their satisfactory conclusion and, unfortunately, didn’t entirely succeed.
7 Sure, Blame the Fans

It’s an unfortunate truth that there are a lot of toxic fans out there and that they tend to ruin the fan experience of any particular series. However, in the case of Game of Thrones a lot of them had a point.

They had a right to expect that the series creators would at least try to make the last season into something that made a little bit of narrative sense rather than going completely off of the rails (as was the unfortunate result). Since they didn’t do so, they basically deserve every bit of scorn that the fans have hurled at them.

6 Sick Burn

Sometimes, you see a burn so sick it makes dragon fire look tame. That’s certainly the case with this meme, which manages to take a shot at both Game of Thrones and Lost, two shows that have divided their respective fandoms.
While it might be going a bit far to say that people were looking forward to the end of the series, it is definitely the case that, since the last episode aired, that the series has sort of faded from public consciousness. It’s a rather ignominious ending for such an influential show.
5 Fans Have No Agency

The ongoing tug of war between creators and consumers of media products is one of the most dominant dynamics in our culture. And, of course, neither Benioff nor Weiss seems to particularly care about how their fans view them, and they are also incredibly unwilling to take fan preferences into account.

At first they could justify this by relying on Martin’s original text, but as they moved further and further away from the source novels, they couldn’t rely on that excuse. Of course, they didn’t let that stand in their way, and they simply continued to let their fans down.

4 You Can’t Go Wrong With Saruman

There’s no more effective way of roasting Game of Thrones than by using The Lord of the Rings (at least if the meme universe is anything to go by). In this case, we get to see the inimitable Christopher Lee as Saruman.
Who better to deliver a scathing indictment of the fact that two of the most reviled creators in the recent history of television than the traitorous wizard who causes untold death and destruction. Looks like Netflix might want to reconsider bringing on two men who might be a drag on their subscriber base?
3 A Long Time Ago…

It’s become rather common knowledge that part of the reason Benioff and Weiss gave so little thought to the resolution of Game of Thrones was that they’d signed on to bring their “talents” to another venerable franchise, Star Wars, in the form of a prequel trilogy.
While this ended up not panning out, it’s easy to see why someone would use Anakin—at once the most tragic and most irritating of the characters in the prequel trilogy—to articulate our conflicting desires and fears about the new prequel series being planned.

2 Tyrion Is All of Us

Tyrion is, arguably, the most sympathetic of the main characters in Game of Thrones. He truly seems to care about the well-being of Westeros, and he doesn’t seem to be particularly ambitious for himself.
He’s also known for having one of the most expressive faces, frequently expressing horror and dismay at the terrible things that unfold around him, including Dany’s descent into madness. And, really, isn’t the butchering of the quality of the last season just as horrifying as Dany’s decision to kill any one of her future subjects that refuse to bend the knee?
1 Justice is Served

Say what you will about the new movie about the Joker, but it has certainly provided the internet with a new trove of meme-able material. In this case, we get to experience the sweet and sublime joy of knowing that Benioff’s most recent film met with nothing short of critical failure.
It looks like you can’t just expect fans to keep on buying into your show when it’s clear that you’re not putting in the effort to make this show as strong and as entertaining (and as sensible) as possible.
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