How to Get Fit without Hurting Your Budget

You made a New Year’s Resolution this year to get fit. You signed up for an expensive gym membership,loaded your schedule withthe best boutique classes and bootcamps, and filled up your smartphone with the top-rated fitness apps. But now you’re realizing that all of these purchases are adding up, and it’s putting your finances in bad shape.

Is there a way that you can get fit without hurting your budget?

Working Out Your Budget Problems

The truth is, working out can be expensive. Gym memberships often cost more than $50 per month. Paying for individual classes isn’t much better. The average boutique fitness class is $34 per workout, which means you’d be paying more than a membership if you signed up for two in a single month. And personal training sessions? Those can cost even more.

What can you do to stop your fitness journey from ruining your finances? First, you should use a budgeting app to help you figure out how much you can reasonably afford to spend on the gym without hurting your ability to pay bills or buy groceries.

Then, you should set up a safety net. Apply for a line of credit online. With a personal line of credit, you can borrow what you need to cover an emergency cost—think an unplanned car repair—without putting your bank account into overdraft or maxing out your credit card. Even when your budget is tight, you can use this to recover from an emergency.

Finally, you can cut down these fitness costs and find savvy alternatives:

Cancel Your Membership

You don’t need a gym membership to work out. It’s unnecessary, and it costs you too much money.

Plus, going to the gym these days can put your health and safety at risk. Research shows that gyms have been COVID-19 super-spreaders since the pandemic started. Getting sick will certainly put your fitness journey on hold.

Go Outside

Walking, running and jogging outside are all activities that you can manage at minimal cost for most of the year. It’s a great opportunity to get some fresh air and burn calories at the same time.

Work Out at Home

Working out at home will save you lots of money. But what about gym equipment? You don’t have to spend a bunch on expensive machines. Get small, affordable tools like resistance bands, dumbbells and kettlebells. And if you don’t want to purchase those, you can find lots of gym equipment alternativessitting around your house.

Go Online

Explore online health and fitness magazines to get great ideas for workout routines. Watch free training videos posted on YouTube. You even find free online classes for your favorite activities, like yoga and dance.

Skip the Fitness Food

You don’t need to buy massive tubs of protein powder or boxes of energy bars. If you really want a snack that will satiate your post-workout hunger pangs, you can make high-protein smoothies without the help of protein powders or additives. You can use the ingredients already sitting in your fridge.

Stop believing that you have to choose between your fitness and your finances. Your body and your finances can be in great shape at the same time. You can have both!

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