Get naturally long and thick eyelashes with Careprost eye serum

Enhance your eyelashes length and thickness with Careprost

Have you tried out every common remedy for attaining long eyelashes? Does nothing seem too workable at all? Well, it is not only who you are alone.  The eyelashes serve as the protective layer from dust particles, debris, and other foreign material. Thus the lashes work as the protective agent that serves as the barrier, imparting an instant lift to whatever eye makeup you actually indulge in. One common medical condition that leads to the frequent falling of the lashes is known as hypotrichosis.

Careprost is an impactful and result-oriented eyelash enhancer

The reasons for this specific eye ailment can be many, ranging from growing age to some other factors. It is undeniably frustrating not to achieve the desired outcome every after trying many old wives’ tales remedies.  Of course, there are many things or natural products that claim to enhance the eyelashes and make it look fascinating, but these remedies are not at all proved. It could also be potentially harmful to the eyes. Thus it is always better to just follow the expert advice in this specific matter and try out what has already been proved out to be the most impactful and result-oriented eyelash enhancing product.

Uses of Careprost eye drops

One such effective and popular remedy for a lash extension is the eyelash growth serum known as Careprost.  The Careprost, Bimatoprost is the medication that has been typically utilized for controlling eye ailment known as glaucoma along with managing ocular hypertension.  When patients start using this medicine, they noticed the extension of eyelashes as one of the side effects. Since then, it has been used purposely for growing lashes.  The principle compound that is present in this specific eye drop is bimatoprost, which is an ophthalmic and it causes a considerable enhancement in the length, thickness, and volume of eyelashes.

 Administration of drug

This Careprost eye drop has to be applied to the eyeliner brush. After that, the patient is required to draw upon a line solely on the upper region of the eyelid. Any sort of excessive liquid must be drained out by using tissue paper. The same process has to be repeated on the other eye as well. However, the ophthalmic serum is not to be applied to the lower bottom eyelid part. The frequency of the administration of the medication dosage is 1 per day. It is preferable to apply the eyelash enhancing serum during the night time before you sleep. The desirable outcome of its application can actually be observed within two months of its usage continuously. Looking at the duration, it may take a period of around 3 to 4 months for the achievement of the desirable outcome. When you achieve the needed length and thickness of your lashes, just limit the application of Buy Careprost to once in the entire week for maintaining the result. However, in case of completely stopping the use, your eyelashes will go back to their original state.

What to do if I missed the Bimat dosage?

In case you missed out on the dosage of this specific eyelash enhancing product, then you just have to apply it as soon as you remember. However, when you remember that you have missed the dosage at a time that is nearer to the next dosage timings, then all you can do is just to skip the missed dosage.  So you are not supposed to apply two dosages on a single day.

Appropriate storage conditions for Bimatoprost

This eyelash enhancing medicine is best to be stored in a cool place where the overall temperature is even less than 25 degrees Celsius. Also, there has to be subsequent replacement of the top lid of the bottle for preventing out the contamination of the drops inside. Also, you must use the bottle within four weeks of opening it and the bottle has to be discarded afterward.

Side effects of Careprost eye drops

As far as the adversaries of applying this ophthalmic serum are concerned, here is a brief list of it:

  • Loss of vision
  • Vision blurriness
  • Doubling of vision
  • Color alternation in vision
  • Discharge through eyes
  • Headache can be mild to severe
  • Enhancement in the growth of hair
  • The sensation of burning or itching in the eyes
  • Pain in eyes
  • Swelling of eyes

The above-listed adversaries are the most commonly reported in the patients. If you experience any of these or other adversaries for a prolonged period, just contact your eye specialist quickly.

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