Get That Last Mile Connectivity at the Airport, for Less

The struggle to find a parking spot near the airport is a burden that slows down travel time and makes it expensive. This travel nuisance seems especially limiting when you consider the freedom with which these same people struggling to park will soon be flying through the air at hundreds of miles an hour!

How can passengers enjoy a similar type of freedom they experience in the air throughout the rest of the trip to and from the airport? Erasing the headache and expense of airport parking is a big relief, and thankfully more companies are devoted to improving the last mile of connectivity at the airport.

Airport Parking Disruptors

Modern technology has allowed companies to find a solution for the debacle that is parking at the airport. Industry leaders like One Stop Parking let passengers drive to the airport and list parking spots at a nearby hotel or professional parking that charge a fraction of what airports do.

From their car, they can access a free shuttle to their terminal. All you need to do is show your email itinerary to the attendant at the front desk and board the free shuttle. 

Some of the best companies even give commuters points on every purchase they can put towards future trips. Who doesn’t appreciate getting loyalty rewards? At the end of the day, commuters will spend less on parking than it’d cost them to take an Uber to and from the airport — in a real sense, this model is disrupting the disruptors.

Be sure to cancel within 24 hours should the need arise, and you’ll get all your money back. All in all, you can expect savings of up to $200 per booking. 

Where Is It?

Currently, this type of airport parking disruption is already available at more than 75 major airports across North America and over 180 locations. If you’re looking for a convenient and seamless mode of transportation to the airport that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, try it out. 

It’s by far the most affordable way for people to get to and from the airport in the comfort and familiarity of their own private car.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

Not much! Just book your parking spot online, show up, and show the attendant your itinerary. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, be sure to comply with all local health ordinances and follow the advice of medical experts. Socially distance, wear a mask and wash your hands. With many regions still encouraging people to remain at home but for essentials, don’t fly unless it’s absolutely necessary. Be sure to check beforehand what obligations there are in the place you’re flying to, as you may need to self-isolate upon arrival.

The ability to fly is liberating and shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s a good thing companies have found ways to make parking less of a hassle, and all at a cheaper cost. Next time you have to fly, make the smart play and save on parking.


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