Get the Kids in The Kitchen: Why Cooking Together In Lockdown Is A Great Way To Spend Time Together

Now children are at home for the foreseeable future, finding ways to keep them entertained and you sane is getting harder. 

One way to maximise home learning and tick off your to-do list is to get you children to help you out in the kitchen. We run through why cooking with your kids is the ideal lockdown activity.

Teaching vital life skills

While home schooling may be top of your priority list right now, teaching your children essential life skills like cooking is just as important. Plus, at the end of a long day working from home and getting the children to study, spending time together improves social skills too. 

Lockdown encourages more to get creative in kitchen – Ipswich24 Magazine

Learning to boil an egg or chop an onion are skills that will help children as they grow. If their skills improve, you might never need to cook a meal again!

Improving mental and physical well-being

After sitting at a screen learning all day, the last thing you want to encourage is sitting in front of a larger screen. Getting together in the kitchen and creating a meal together is a great way to talk to your kids and get to know how they are feeling. 

Talking and interacting will boost their mental well-being and cooking a nutritious meal will help to boost their physical health too. 

Creating treasured memories

When every day feels the same, as it often does now, it’s important to try and create memories. Working together to create a meal is a fantastic way to bond with your children. From the spills and laughs to dancing around the kitchen to their favourite music, cooking together creates the perfect playground for building treasured memories. 

Top recipes to try

Quick and easy recipes made with a few ingredients and cooked in a frying pan are the ideal way to get your kids excited about cooking together. Try these top three easy recipes and get your kids off the couch and into the kitchen.

Pancakes: A Saturday morning staple for many families, pancakes are a quick and easy recipe with many variations to keep things interesting. Make traditional crepes topped with bananas and chocolate spread or classic lemon juice and sugar. You could also try whipping up some fluffy American-style pancakes with blueberries and almond flour instead. 

Omelettes: The ideal canvas for a thousand toppings, the humble omelette is a straightforward, no-nonsense recipe that children can customise over and over again. You could even add spring onions and herbs into the omelette mix to really add some flavour and excitement. 

Fajitas: This weeknight favourite is perfect to get your children excited about cooking. With just a few simple ingredients like onions, peppers and sweetcorn livened up with a spicy BBQ seasoning wrapped in a tortilla you have fajitas for dinner. Add tofu or your choice of meat, depending on your dietary choices, and top with cheese or a vegan alternative.


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