Get to know the two major types of SEO that will be your growth booster

When it comes to SEO, then it is a vast field. Due to this reason, the SEO is divided into two major categories known as the on-page and off-page SEO. 

The main reason these two sections are divided is that a website owner can apply these strategies. When you execute these two strategies in a perfect blend, then the campaign results will be outstanding. 

A detailed overview of all two types is discussed below. 

On-page SEO

The on-page SEO is the portion in which the SEO of the content and element available on the website is done. All the content, user-experience, and framing of the website come under the on-page SEO. The main reason why the on-page SEO is done is to optimize the page’s content so that the visitor can enjoy the experience on the website and get converted. 

  • The very first element of the on-page SEO is the user interface and check whether the framing of the website you have chosen is proper or not. Sometimes, the website’s framing is not proper due to which the visitor’s experience is not well, and they leave the page. 
  • The other aspect of SEO is the content that a page is producing. If the content is regular and enjoyed by the visitor, then it is well and good for the website; otherwise, these are a requirement of change in the following system. They need to focus on the three C’s: consistency, which says that you should always post on the website consistently. The other one is creativity; that is, the content you produce needs to be creative with their post which they make. 

The reason behind the unique post is standing out of the competition. If they give some interesting and new to the visitors, they will only visit your page again and again. The third one is the conversation, i.e., you should try to conversate with the visitor with your contact’s help so that they how more importance to your contact. 

  • The next element is the keyword insertion. There are plenty of keywords using which most of the people online searches for online stuff. You can easily find the keywords with the help of online tools and then insert them at a proper place on your website. The most prominent places are the meta tags and the headlines. These portions are the ones that Google sees when searching for a result to show to the visitor. The more the keywords are, the higher are the chances of a person landing on the website. You can also take the help of your Auckland SEO expert for keywords research. 
  • The functionality of the website is also essential from the point of view of the customers. If the website is not functioning correctly, then your SEO can never be complete; that is why you need to optimize the website’s technical aspects. 

Off-page SEO

The off-page SEO is the portion that a person performs outside their website. All the changes and insertions made off the website to attract customers are known as off-page SEO. 

Some of the off-page techniques are:-

  • The backlinks formation is the primary activity that a marketer needs to do on the off-page. The backlink means the links that a person forms on the other websites through which visitors can be transferred to their website. The person has to a lookout that the website they are using must be functional and have good domain authority. If it is not right, then you should not make your backlink on that website. Many reviewing sites can help in the formation of backlinks. 
  • A person also needs to check that the backlinks are functional or not. Sometimes a person makes a backlink, but they are functional. Due to this, the score of the website decreases. So, along with the number of backlinks, it is also important that you check that they are working and sending traffic or not. If not, then you must remove it as soon as possible. 
  • According to the SEO NZ experts, it is advised that you should link the website on all the social media as it also works as a backlink. 


So, these are the two different types of SEO that every website owner should know about. The technical SEO that some people treat differently is also a part of the on-page SEO. 

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