Great April Fools Pranks Using Apps

Prank Call Apps

Whether you’re pulling off a prank or receiving on April Fools Day, without being a complete party pooper, I’d say it’s become among the most predictable things you could do.

However, since Prank apps have strolled onto the scene, pranks have been far harder to anticipate. While prank calls of old would generally fail because you’d recognize your buddy’s voice in 5 seconds flat, with a prank call app, you’d have no clue at all.

So for this April fools day, we’ve prepared a list of the best prank apps that will most definitely fool your friends. Let’s begin.


If you thoroughly enjoy prank calling as one of your April Fools Pranks and are a fan of the OwnagePranks youtube channel, we’ve got great news. The OwnagePranks has a prank dial app that lets anyone make an effective prank dial, where an automated prerecording is played instead of the caller.

Prerecorded calls come with various prank scripts that can be used in typical everyday situations – a disgruntled pickup driver who arrived too early or a pharmacist claiming your three month supply of genital warts cream is available for pickup.

You may be wondering how an automated call can outperform a real person, but it most certainly does! The app uses a ‘speech recognition’ Ai that can instantly analyze dialogue and respond accordingly; this is done by recognizing keywords and detecting non-spoken moments.

Main Features

  • 100+ prerecorded calls, automated to play
  • Receive one free credit day
  • Submit your most hilarious prank calls to the notorious Pranks Hall of Fame, where the best are submitted.

Scare Your Friends- JOKE!

Why doesn’t anyone play scary pranks on April Fools Day?

The Scare Your Friends- JOKE! app does precisely this, fooling and making your friends jump out of fear. And since it’s so straight-forward and easy to pull off, users of all ages can start scaring friends today.

This app offers a nice selection of scary pictures and spine-chilling sound effects that will play simultaneously from your phone.

To start the prank, first select the appropriate picture and sound to most likely scare your friend. You’ll be able to test sound effects with chosen images beforehand so that you can preselect the best combination.

After determining your scary duo of image and sound, specify the exact time you want the prank to play from the phone. Ideally, you’ll want to install this app on your recipient’s phone or lend your phone to a friend.

After the designated time, regardless of what app is being used, the prank will play. Just be careful as jumpscare reactions typically cause people to drop their phones, which could be yours.


  • Choose a frightening picture and sound to be played simultaneously
  • Scary images include a Vampire and an evil clown
  • Specific what time you want prank to play on phone

Virus Maker Prank

If you want to spice things up by playing a more original prank than knock, knock ginger, or placing a whoopee cushion beneath someone’s couch, this app is a must-download.

Virus Maker Prank is an app that inputs simulated viruses you’d typically see in hacking tv shows onto someone’s phone. Similar to our previous recommendation, this can cause some fantastic jumpscare reactions, making most people panic.

So how does it work? After launching, you will have access to various virus prank options, which will be played after your specified countdown. Best to be installed on someone’s phone for added realism; you can do so by downloading the app while they’re outside the room.

Virus Categories: 


Pixels will be seen gradually being removed from the person’s screen. The speed of removal can be adjusted beforehand.


Like someone attempting to hack into your laptop, this virus will display a simulated terminal trying to break into the phone’s system.


Like the name states, this will show the notorious blue screen of death. But with the main exception that it’s shown on a smartphone, instead of a computer screen.

Once you’ve had your fun, removing the virus couldn’t be easier. Your friend will most likely try to press the back button or turn off the phone screen, but it has to be shaken for the virus to be gone.


  • A virus simulator which will play a virus on your phone
  • Various fake viruses available



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