Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Instances Cristina Was A Very good Pal (& five Instances She Was The Worst)


Should you inquire any Gray’s Anatomy lover what character they would love to see once more, the the larger a part of them would say Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). From seasons one to 10, fans watched as Cristina examined to grow to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. Although she was usually sarcastic and chilly, Cristina additionally proved to have a softer facet it got here to her victims and associates.

She could effectively not have been a social particular person, however time proved that Cristina was a mate you’ll adore to have in your nook. From her feud with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) to her saving Izzie’s (Katherine Heigl) existence, listed below are the 5 cases Cristina proved to be an excellent good good friend and 5 instances she proved to be the worst.

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10 WORST: Nearly Killing Alex

When Alex (Justin Chambers) unveiled that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) had tampered with the Alzheimer’s demo, he was ostracized by numerous of the residents. Cristina attacked him when she recognized out that Meredith had been fired. Alex did try his most interesting to make amends with the Foremost however has no these sorts of luck.

His and Cristina’s friendship is improved when she unintentionally stabs with epinephrine. Though he’s recovering, she barges into the place and orders him to rise up out of mattress. Alex tells Cristina that she has to forgive him since they’re all he has. When he makes a blunder, she’s meant to even have his once more. They attain a truce once they check to halt Meredith get accomplished for kidnapping.

9 Best: Supporting Izzie

A astonishing friendship grew between Izzie and Cristina when she confided within the cardiothoracic surgeon about her well being points. Cristina was an full trooper via all of it, arranging conferences with oncologists and producing therapy methods for the baker.

When Izzie was hesitant to begin treatment, Cristina was the 1 to steer her to battle the illness. She was additionally actively involved in Izzie’s case, inspecting on her every time she skilled a spare second and advising the opposite medical professionals on the best class of process. Izzie appreciated her help that she named her Maid of Honor at her marriage ceremony ceremony.

eight WORST: Eager to throw Izzie underneath the bus

Within the aftermath of Izzie slicing Denny’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) LVAD wire, M.A.G.I.C. have been all beneath investigation. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) suspends all of them from surgical procedure proper up till the true offender confessed. The 5 interns had agreed to stick to their story, which led to Webber specializing in every particular person an individual of them individually.

When it got here to Cristina’s convert, Richard targets her want for medical procedures. What he didn’t anticipate was for Cristina to concern him about how he retains his edge and the way does she get it again. She makes a deal that if he tells her how you can not suffer from people or the opposite surgeons, she would notify him who decrease the LVAD wire. Take into account how betrayed all of them would have felt if she confessed.

seven Highest: Bringing Lexie to Meredith’s property

When Lexie (Chyler Leigh) was preliminary launched to the show, Cristina and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) didn’t deal with her rather well. They’d act coldly and belittle her nearly each chance they acquired. Even so, it was Cristina who preliminary extended an olive division when she invited Lexie to dangle out together with her and Meredith.

Within the second ingredient of “Crash into Me”, Lexie tries her best to assist save affected person Nick Hanscom (Seth Inexperienced), whose carotid artery skilled ruptured. Regretably, Lexie was devastated when Nick died, ensuing from a considerable amount of blood decline. Cristina comes once more to console Lexie, stating she did an excellent job. Yang additionally invitations her again once more to Meredith’s, the place all of them dance it out.

six WORST: Feud with Meredith

In interval 10, Meredith and Cristina skilled slightly feud quickly after the cardiothoracic medical physician known as her buddy a lesser surgeon. This led to the twisted sisters freezing each single different out, each beginning to be as effectively invested of their have evaluation to upkeep their friendship. Although Cristina did elevate some excellent elements, she allow herself down by ruining Meredith’s work.

At moments, Cristina permitted Shane (Gaius Charles) to dictate her work. He continued to push Cristina to make use of the Three-D printer and proved to be insubordinate when he shouted at Meredith for reprimanding them. Although Cristina noticed he had implausible intentions, she must have reprimanded him for shouting at a board member. As a result of she didn’t, tensions in between mates escalated.

5 Most interesting: Aftermath of Henry’s lack of life

Cristina was remaining in a difficult scenario after she was pressured to function on Henry (Scott Foley). She was additional upset to find that she must mislead Teddy (Kim Raver) about her husband’s problem. After the surgical therapy was in extra of, Cristina suggested her mentor that Henry skilled regretably handed away.

Within the adhering to episode, the surgeons all go over how Teddy is instructing Cristina to retell the surgical therapy. April (Sarah Drew) says its particularly point out to watch, however Cristina tells her that she will handle it. Although she finds out that Teddy retains requesting so she will memorize it herself, not the second does Cristina yell or complain.

four WORST: Jealousy about Sadie

To be truthful to Cristina, anybody was shocked when Sadie (Melissa George) made an bodily look. Over the 5 seasons, Meredith and Cristina had been joint on the hip. So when Sadie turned up at Meredith’s home and kicked Cristina off the bed, Yang felt excluded. She then determined to enroll in Derek within the kitchen space to complain.

Cristina was observed to be jealous of Sadie, having each single risk to convey her distaste of the brand new intern. She appeared patronizing of Sadie’s option to get a piece within the morgue, scolding her for asking foolish considerations and makes an attempt to exclude her on consultations. Even Meredith confronts her for mistreating Sadie on her preliminary working day.

three Best: Conserving Derek’s existence

One explicit of the best instances for Cristina got here when she saved Derek’s each day life. Simply after Gary Clark (Michael O’Neill) shot Derek (Patrick Dempsey) within the 12 months 6 finale, Cristina, Meredith, and April rushed him to an OR. After they cannot get hold of Teddy or Owen (Kevin McKidd), Cristina agrees to work on Derek on the problem that Meredith doesn’t enter the house.

Followers had been shocked to see that Gary skilled noticed his means into the OR and was holding Cristina at gunpoint. Despite the fact that he wants she halt doing the job, Cristina refuses. Jackson (Jesse Williams) manages to ease the rigidity by disconnecting the watch, which suggestions Clark into believing Derek is lifeless. On the time he leaves, Jackson and Cristina resume their work.

2 WORST: Buying in the best way of Owen’s happiness

Cristina and Owen often known as time on their relationship on the finish of interval 9, with every realizing they most well-liked numerous issues. They concluded that it might probably be superior for them to see different individuals, which led to Owen courting Emma Marling (Marguerite Moreau).

Cristina appeared to battle with Owen’s budding romance however was but data that he recognized one other individual else. Alternatively, she ended up ruining this marriage when she and Owen skilled a simply one-evening stand. She understood that her relationship was above so why would she jeopardize a partnership the place he might be actually content material?

1 Greatest: Pillar within the airplane crash

In between her involvement within the capturing, Cristina’s different heroic minute arrived in season eight finale. With Lexie lifeless, and Mark (Eric Dane) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) severely wounded, Cristina was fairly blessed to happen out of the crash unhurt. She was seen to be a pillar for all of the surgeons when as they waited for rescue.

Within the episode “Keep in mind The Time”, Cristina tells Owen what went down within the woods. She tells him how she skilled picked the bugs out of Arizona’s leg, preserve resuscitating Mark and fend off wild animals who went simply after Lexie. All through all of it, she stayed awake for 4 instances. One explicit of probably the most honorable issues to at any time transpired on the present.

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