Grey’s Anatomy: The D&D Moral Alignments Of The Main Characters


Given the drama heavy episodes on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s not surprising that many of the characters have some chaotic nature in them. It’s part of the chaotic life of a surgeon, sleeping at odd hours, making life and death choices, and only being able to meet love interests at the job.
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Despite the chaos, the Grey’s Anatomy’s characters also do a lot of good on the show, curing the incurable, never giving up on the patients, trying to maintain healthy relationships, though this is often the hardest part of these characters lives.
Check out the D&D moral alignments of the main characters on the ABC hit show, Grey’s Anatomy.

10 Meredith Grey – Chaotic Good

Meredith Grey, the lead character in Grey’s Anatomy, is definitely a chaotic character. She’s had a difficult life with an insensitive and unkind mother who never showed her any affection, a father she never spent time with who becomes a drunk in her adulthood, and a couple of sisters she never knew about who become a big part of her life. Despite the chaos surrounding her, Meredith tries to stay good, working hard to save her patients, doing everything she can for her friends, family, and kids and making questionable choices for the people she cares about, like changing Adele’s placebo drugs for the real Alzheimers drugs during Derek’s drug trial.
9 Alex Karev – Chaotic Neutral/Evil

Despite Alex Karev’s many changes over the seasons, it wouldn’t make sense for Karev to be considered good. However, despite his anger issues and his disdain for others in the first season, he can’t be considered fully evil either, despite sleeping with plenty of women and not caring about their feelings.

One thing that can be said about Karev is that he’s chaotic, living based on the whims of his moods. Instead of talking to DeLuca and figuring out that he was helping Jo instead of harming her, he beats him to a pulp.

8 Derek Shepherd – Lawful Good

Derek, despite his sometimes chaotic behavior, is mostly a lawfully good character who has a moral code and follows the rules. When he does his Alzheimers’ drug trial, he doesn’t tamper with the drugs for the sake of Richard’s wife Adele because he also cares about the people he doesn’t know and also, he doesn’t want to risk the drug trial given it could help a lot of patients. He takes cheating very seriously and leaves his wife and best friend at the beginning of the series because he finds out about their affair and cannot forgive them.
7 Christina Yang – Chaotic Good

Christina Yang, despite her hard outer shell, is truly good deep down. She tends to root for the underdog, cares about kids despite not wanting any, and takes her job very seriously. Early on the show, the audience finds out that she became a cardiovascular surgeon because her father died in a car accident, her hands on his heart in his chest trying to save him from dying.

Since then, she’s had a singular goal and she won’t stop from obtaining it, even if it means a little chaos on the way.

6 Miranda Bailey – Lawful Good

Miranda Bailey is one of the most “good” characters on the show. She is both admirable, kind while also being a strong leader, and lives a moral life. She is religious without being a bigot and without pushing her faith onto others, having space for both religion and science in her life. She also believes strongly in the moral code of the medical system. Given she has taught so many fine doctors with good moral codes of their own, her role as a leader is also a measure of her goodness, spreading the goodness around to others.
5 Richard Webber – Lawful Good

Despite Richard Webber’s alcoholism and poor choices because of his disease (his own words), he is still a good character who mostly abides by the rules of surgery and a strong moral code. Because he is the Chief of Surgery for many of Grey’s Anatomy’s seasons, he also has to lead by setting the right example so others can follow him and make the right decisions.

While there is a lot of chaos in Webber’s life, it isn’t the thing that leads his life. There are so many episodes where characters come to Richard for advice and for direction, proving he’s most often on the right path.

4 Catherine Avery – Chaotic Neutral

Catherine Avery is one of the most interesting characters on Grey’s Anatomy. She is a strong woman who does things that benefit her and her family. While she has a moral compass, she also isn’t afraid to bend the rules to suit herself and her needs. Several times throughout the series, she reminds people who don’t like her actions that it wasn’t easy for her as a Black woman to get to where she is today. She’s also definitely chaotic given she’s always meddling in her son’s life, to his annoyance. She is a neutral character because she resents authority and challenges traditions, even when it means going behind her then-boyfriend Richard’s back.
3 Callie Torres – Chaotic Good

Callie Torres has been through a lot, starts off as pretty chaotic in the first few seasons of the show, before she mellows out a bit with a steady career, a better understanding of her sexuality, a wife, a kid, and some good friends surrounding her. Callie dates for George for too long despite him clearly not being into her, which is not her fault, and yet still proves to be quite chaotic.

She’s also a good character who does everything she can for the people she loves as well as her patients, and while she, like many others, does things that better her own life, she is also willing to give up a lot for others.

2 Jackson Avery – Neutral Good

For a plastic surgeon surrounded by patients making dramatic changes in their lives as well as a lot of burn patients who have gone through some pretty dramatic accidents, Jackson Avery is a pretty low key character. He has a meddling mother and a somewhat chaotic love life but other than that, he maintains a steady and cool head, doing his best to help others. As an Avery, his life goal is to prove that he earned his way despite his family name, making his goal fairly selfish and neutral.
1 Maggie Pierce – Lawful Good

Maggie Pierce is one of the most lawful good characters on the show. She’s a huge nerd and kid genius who skipped being a child because she was always ahead of her peers. She even went to university at a really young age, becoming a renowned doctor in her 20s. Given this, she has always known how to follow the rules and be good, but hasn’t experienced much chaos in her life until she finds out her parents are getting a divorce and Richard Webber is her father with Ellis Grey. Despite this new chaos in her life, it doesn’t change Maggie’s true nature.
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