Guides for shipping from China to Mexico

The process of shipping from China to Mexico could be complicated because it has many formalities that will cost your time and energy, especially when you do not have any experience on shipping cargoes. But don’t worry, as an international logistics company, China Freight will be your best selection. Founded in 2012, China Freight has accumulating much experience and cultivating a group of experienced experts, which make us be capable to fit all your needs and have answers for all you confusion. Also, our services for shipping from China to Mexico is customized on the basis of all your needs. If you need a good shipping company from China to Mexico, then our years of experience in this field will come in handy for you.

Our services:

We provide you with a range of services no matter your items are heavy or light, small or large. As long as you have the need, we can meet it. And your cargoes will be delivered on time. Then the following are the services that we offer when transporting goods from China to Mexico.

  • Sea freight
  • Air freight
  • Express Services
  • Customs brokerage 
  • Warehousing 
  • Cargo insurance 

Advantages related to our service:

  • We keep our customers foremost. The services will be customized according to all your needs. We are reliable that we won’t make any excuses to charge you more expense.
  • We adopt new technology to make sure that your shipment is fast, safe and visible. It is not need to worry about your goods being delayed or getting destroyed.
  • With our skills and knowledge, freight forwarders adjust the container size, package your goods, and manage several other activities.
  • We, as a skilled freight forwarder, also offer the option of tracking and tracing so that the process becomes smoother and safer.

With China Freight, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your items. We have the cargo insurance to guarantee protection. Also, we have an improved tracking system that will make you shipment visible.

Sea freight from China to Mexico

Sea shipping has been always playing an important role in the import/export process, even though it takes a long time to arrive in the final destination. If you want to ship a large volume of items without an urgent deadline, then generally speaking, sea freight is the best choice for you. In our filed of work, we offer two alternations, that is, LCL(Full Container Load) and FCL(Less than Container Load). If your goods are large enough to fill a container, then FCL is recommended to you, which will cost you less. If not, don’t worry. We will also take up your shipment by consolidating your cargo with others’. Also, we can provide you with the service of Port to Port, Door to Door, Door to Port, Port to Door based on your needs. The shipping time from China to Mexico takes about 30 days. It is changeable due to many reasons. So we advise you to check with our team in advance before placing an order. 

Major ports for sea shipping, China

Sea shipping is one of the important modes of transportation. 80% – 90% of the total import and export cargo transportation in our country is conducted through the ocean transportation. because of the rising and development of container transportation, it saves the packing materials and sea freight expense, reduces the damage of goods, ensures the quality of transportation and shortens the transportation time. Also there are many important ports in our country:

  • Port of Shenzhen
  • port of Qingdao
  • Port of Guangzhou
  • Port of Ningbo
  • Port of Shanghai

Major ports for sea shipping, Mexico

  • Mexico City port
  • Acapulco port
  • Manzanillo port
  • Guadarajan port
  •  Alvarado port

The sea ports mentioned above are the major ones that have a heavy logistics transportation. 

Air freight from China to Mexico

It is understandable that sometimes some items are in an urgent demand. Is there a fast measure than delivered by flight? We have an excellent  partnership with some top-quality carriers, which assure you that our services on airlines must cater to your needs, not matter the cost, delivery time or any others. The air freight from China to Mexico can be optimized using different alternations available. There are as follows:

  • Economic Flight: We do everything on the basis of your requirements. This is a relatively relaxed and time-free plan, which will take about 7+ business days to deliver your items. The rates are affordable.
  • Standard Flight: We provide premium service to cater to your needs. For efficient and quick timely delivery, standard air freight has a transit time from 3-5 business days.
  • Urgent Flight:We also can meet your urgent needs. This applies to the speed-oriented category and costs approximately 1-3 business days. It is quick timely but overpriced.

Also, we can provide you with the service of Airport to Airport, Door to Door, Door to Airport, Airport to Door based on your needs.

Major airports for air cargo, China

In order to save your money, you should know the smallest distance between the airport you ship your goods and the final destination in Mexico. The following are some of the busiest airports in China.

  • Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
  • Shenzhen Baoan Iternational Airport

Major airports for air cargo, Mexico

  • Mexico City International Airport
  • Monterrey International Airport
  • Cancún International Airport
  • Tijuana International Airport
  • Guadalajara International Airport

The airports mentioned above bear a great responsibility in logistics and transportation. They are highly popular in import and export.

Vital pointers to consider  

Before you ship your product from China to Mexico, there are some basic points that you should know about and must ponder over.  

  • Does the product meet standards? 

Generally speaking, the first-timers when shipping from China to Mexico deem that the products they are getting shipped from China must be legalized thoroughly. However, different countries have different regulations about the products that they allow to be shipped. So in this case, you should pay more attention to the regulations in each country. 

  • Consider the price 

Usually, small traders and businessmen without any experience do not take into account the cost of shipping, packaging, taxes, and customs clearance. This will cause them to pay more expenses than normal for shipping from China to Mexico. So if you have any query, please discuss with our skilled team for a better answer.

  • Trustworthy suppliers 

Not all suppliers in China or, to be honest, anywhere in the world are trustworthy. The products that you have bought may be missed on the half way for shipping from China to Mexico. And that would be a scam. So, in order to avoid the risk, you should  be sure that the supplier and the freight forwarder is reliable. Of course, China Freight, as a freight forwarding company, is worthy of your trust.

Other than these factors, you also should pay attention to the shipment time, avoiding the popular festivals in China, such as the New Year’s Day, the National Day. Besides, the period before the arrival of Hallowmas and Christmas is a peak season because many countries import goods from China, which will cause congestion.


Import or export is playing a significant role in the economical system of Mexico, so how to find a best and reliable partner on logistics is an essential strategy. Whether you opt for sea freight or air fright, China Freight is always working to make sure that your shipment is delivered on time and safely. China Freight always focuses on our delivery services in order to make you have more time and energy to grow your own business. And our experienced experts will take up your shipment ranging from the begining to the ending, which must be a satisfactory result for you. If you have any difficulty in choosing between sea freight and air freight, please search our official website and discuss with our freight forwarders. They are ready to handle all processes for you. So don’t worry and get in touch with us.

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