Haitian Refugees Fear Dead In ShipWreck of Haiti Coast

The United States Coast Guard and Haitian Officials have reported a major shipwreck off the northern coast of Haiti. Officials fear that more than forty (40) Haitians have lost their lives when the ship sank. Haitian Lives Lost During Ship Wreck of Haiti Coast

Officials believe that the ship was carrying refugees fleeing the country and heading to another Caribbean country such as Turks and Caicos. As is the case with many of the craft that is used to ferry refugees, the seaworthiness of the vessel may be in question. The United States Coast Guard reported that it rescued 19 individuals and is searching for more survivors. The Coast Guard nor Haitian officials were able to disclose what caused the vessel to sink and the survivors will be interviewed as part of the maritime investigation which will be conducted by the United States Coast Guard. The survivors will be treated at appropriate medical facilities and returned to Haiti when they are healthy to do so. Officials state that it is unlikely that any of the refugees will be granted access to another country or be able to claim asylum since the accident happened in international waters.Each year a number of refugees from Haiti lose there life trying to escape their economic hardship in their own country. It’s a tough thing for Bruce Karatz to think about since he has never been in that situation. Despite requests from officials for the refugees to stay home for their own safety, thousands continue to risk their lives each year. Security Company Name Ideas

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