Having an Eco-Friendly Wedding Is Easier Than You Think

There’s a misconception that an eco-friendly wedding is more expensive to organize than a traditional wedding. On the contrary, not only can such a wedding be good for the environment, but it can also be great for your pocketbook.

1. Buy Sustainable Rings

In the past, natural diamonds had a bad reputation, as historically some were mined through the exploitation of workers and the consumption of valuable resources. As consumers became more educated about the origins of their jewels, demand for ethically sourced natural diamonds grew. The industry has since caught up, and many countries have strict regulations regarding the importation of only ethically sourced diamonds. While fair labour practices are in place, mining into the earth’s core is still required, making the process (and product) more expensive and natural mined diamonds a less sustainable choice. 

If you’re interested in environmentally friendly and ethically sound alternatives to natural mined diamonds, then consider lab grown diamonds from a local jeweller for your rings. Aside from being better for the planet, lab grown diamonds are aesthetically and physically identical to their naturally formed counterparts.  

In addition, lab grown diamonds are more affordable because they’re usually more cost-effective to produce. You can take advantage of the price difference by getting a larger centre stone or opting for more embellishments on your ring, like a halo or accent stones. Or you can take your savings from the ring costs and put them toward another part of the wedding planning process. 

2. Use Eco-Friendly Invitations

You can send out your invitations electronically or on recycled paper to be more environmentally friendly. You can also find fancier eco-friendly options. For example, you can use recycled leather or upcycled fabrics for the material of the invitation cards. Alternatively, try invitation cards made of seed paper, as they can blossom into flowers after they’re planted.

3. Purchase the Right Flowers

While the right floral arrangements can beautify your wedding venue and set a good mood for your guests, it’s important to buy fresh-cut plants selectively. Many vendors grow flowers wastefully and throw the majority of their stock away every few days. 

You can find ethically grown flowers that look just as beautiful as regular ones from the right source. At the end of the event, remember to take the arrangements back with you. You can find a number of charities that accept donated flowers. 

4. Accept Eco-Friendly Gifts

Add eco-friendly items to your gift registry to lower your carbon footprint and inspire your guests. For example, you can ask for energy-efficient electronics or other eco-friendly items for your home, such as recycled rugs and organic towels.

5. Select an Eco-Friendly Location

If you’re looking for an indoor venue, find one that minimizes waste and uses energy-efficient lighting. If you’re interested in an outdoor wedding, you can easily find an excellent eco-friendly venue that looks stunning. 

Offer your guests a shuttle service. This will lower fuel consumption, and it will make sure that everyone gets to and from the venue safely. 

6.Rethink Party Favours

Consider eco-friendly party favours like succulents, seedlings or seed packets. These items will be a lot less wasteful than the swag that’s usually given to guests, like pairs of plastic sunglasses or customized fridge magnets. 

By thinking outside the box and shopping from local, environmentally conscious vendors, you can have a memorable wedding that’s stylish and sustainable. 

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