Hire an IPad Magician and illusionist in the UK

Now the technology is growing too fast and opening a new era of inventions and discoveries.Similarly, in the world of magic new methods are invented by a magician who has been surprised to see the different magic. It’s just because of high and quality education of magic.

Now the magicians also use iPad in their magic to amuse people, and different mobile phones and software companies hire them in their events. This iPad magic illustrations are on trend in the UK, and the industry generates millions of revenue per year. There is some iPad magician have been discussed.

  1. Duncan William

Duncan William is a UK resident and a qualified and expert magician who entertains his audience with beautiful tricks. Trade show magic is a convenient way to stand high between your audiences and enables the magician to make a brand.

Duncan always uses the iPad to introduce different methods and illustrations to raise his other skills.As you know, magic is a matchless skill, and not everyone is experienced in it, but Duncan is a master in its field and has made many events memorable.

Duncan offers different customization in apps which are:

  • Branded Iphone cases
  • Playing cards are integrated into the digital magic and used for magic.
  • Different tricks are made visible on the client app.
  • The client’s business cards read different minds.
  • Has the ability to increase arm length

Despite this, Duncan has also offered so many tricks on different national and international platforms. The only reason to hire Duncan because he delivers quality work and ensure his order to be delivered on time.

There is a lengthy list of organizations and events where Duncan has delivered his tricks and magic and has made events memorable.

  1. Noel Qualter

Noel Qualter is another digital IPad magician who has been delivering his services for almost 20 years. His passion and ability to play with technology made him an IPad magician, and has performed in different shows, events, weddings, and festivals.

Noel has a home town in the UK, so it was not difficult for him to join different well-equipped technology labs to learn several magic. After completing his early education, due to his passion, he joined a magic institute in London. He has worked for different countries like Saudi Arabia, Berlin, Paris, Kuwait, Dubai, and more.

Due to his expertise, Noel has offered to work for Hollywood movies so you can imagine his tricks from there. He is a member of Inner Magic Circle and has been awarded different awards in years 2014,2015 and 2016. If you are going to organize any event or your wedding, you should give Noel the chance to offer his services. Undoubtedly, you and your guests will be amazed by seeing his tricks.

Noel also has his institute where he gives magic to its delegates and other people to make them experts in this field. You can also hire or know more about Noel qualte from here: http://www.noelqualter.com/

  1. Keelan Leyser

If you are a UK resident and plan to hire a digital IPad magician, then Keelan Leyser would be the best choice. As well as his expertise is concerned, he is a magician who creates different visual effects in front of his audience. One of Keelan’s most significant achievement is that he has worked for not only for IPad and IPhone Company but also for windows eight company.

Keelan was the first IPad magician in the United Kingdom, and it was the era of the late nineties when IPad magic was just the seed and industry was too small. But due to magicians like the Keelan Ipad Magic industry have grown faster. Keelan has shown his skills on big and popular platforms like Pepsi, IDM, Microsoft, IBM, and BP.

As Keelan is an expert in its field, he was thinking of growing globally by making his website. Now Keelan has a dedicated website about IPad magician. He offers different magic and tricks like:

  • The reading mind of people
  • See the other world on Ipad.
  • Tell about fate and future happenings.
  • To play with fire through IPad.
  • With sight can tell about thinking of people.

Due to all the above tricks, he would be an experienced magician and will entertain you at your events.

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