Hot and cold water bottle – the healthy water bottle for your children

The increased awareness of the ill-effects of use of plastic for storing food and beverages has resulted in people, of all age groups and walks of life, to adopt alternative healthier options for storing food and beverages. In the desire and adamant demand to use their favourite anime character merchandise as a tiffin and water bottle, children often choose and use plastic tiffins, and water bottles and thus risk themselves to the health risks posed by the use of plastic.

Vinod Cookware’s hot and cold water bottle is an intelligent insulated bottle from Vinod Cookware. Below are 5 reasons why you should shift to Vinod Cookware’s hot and cold water bottle for your children:

1. Sufficiently insulated:

Vinod Cookware’s hot and cold water bottle is coated with copper on the inside for better insulation. This coating ensures that the water retains its temperature for longer. Hot water remains hot for 18 hours while cold water remains cold for 24 hours. 

2. Limited toxicity:

Hot and cold water bottles are entirely made of stainless steel and the use of plastic is eliminated. The bottles are BPA free. BPA stands for bisphenol A which is a chemical used to make plastic products. Studies have shown that intake of BPA by children can cause obesity, ADHD, insulin resistance, hypertension etc. 

Certain plastic products claim to be BPA-free. However, apart from BPA, plastic bottles do contain other chemicals which can cause further side-effects and can be completely avoided by the usage of a hot and cold water bottle.

3. Eliminate bacteria:

Children are exposed and susceptible to several bacteria and germs. Vinod Cookware’s hot and cold water bottle is rust and corrosion-resistant. These features do not allow mould, bacteria and germs to house inside the bottle. 

4. Inspire environment consciousness:

Plastic is a non-biodegradable material and significantly contributes to landfills. On the other stainless steel is 100% recyclable since it does not have any toxic coating. Therefore, the use of hot and cold water bottle and the knowledge of its benefits can promote environmental consciousness amond children. 

5. Suitable for all seasons:

Commonly illnesses like cold and cough in winters can be avoided by inculcating a sustainable and practical habit of consuming warm water through out the day which is possible with the hot and cold bottle. Consumption of hot water also promotes digestion and accelerates the bodily process of breaking down fats. 

Vinod Cookware’s range of hot and cold water bottles come in different sizes and colours to provide children the touch of fun. Vinod Cookware’s hot and cold water bottles can be purchased here.

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