How can students contribute to the progress of a country?

Students are the key to success for every nation. If you want to make the best of your investments then invest your time on the students and you’ll see your country progressing in the long-term.

When it comes to students, they should also be serious in playing their role in the progress of the country. If you’re a student and are desperate to give back to your country, here’s what you can do to make it better.

1.Read a Lot

Readers are the next leaders. Those who have the habit of reading have the power to influence people and change people’s mind. So, students should read a lot about everything. Be it the history of the country, influential people, secrets to success or science and literature. By having knowledge of the subjects, they can argue better and speak with wisdom. Also, by reading you can explore different horizons of life. The more you read, the higher you can lead. And whatever profession you choose to be in, your knowledge in the niche will give you credibility over others.

2.Plant Trees

Nature is the best thing which protects your environment and also makes it look good. All the progressive countries in the world are also beautiful and are made up of lush green gardens. So, in order to prosper your country, you should plant trees everywhere in your surroundings. These trees will provide you shelter, pure oxygen, and will also absorb the pollution around. Also, greenery is good for your eyesight. Schools should also emphasize the importance of plantation and organize drives to instill this habit in students.


From the early stage of life, students should be aware of the importance of education. It’s the building block of success. They should take their education seriously and do all the bits and parts to complete it according to the requirements. After having the education, they should execute all the learned syllabus in their practical life and do whatever possible to contribute to the country’s economy. They should work with honesty and devotion to make the system better and implement all things they have learned in their school days.

4.Know the Value of Time

Time is money. You can’t afford to waste in lame activities which won’t give you any results in future. Students should learn the importance of time. They should dedicate their time to activities which will bring great results for the country in future. For example, they should learn the art of speaking, writing and talking to the people. They should have enough confidence in themselves that they don’t hesitate to talk in front of authoritative people. You can only build this healthy habit if you know the value of time and spend it in the right way.

5.Study Well in their Academics

Students should respect their teachers and parents’ time and should make the most of their studies. If in school they are assigned any assignment or thesis, they should work with the full interest to make it successful. In any case, if they need help, they shouldn’t hesitate to contact any professional thesis writers in Islamabad to learn the secrets of writing. Plus, they also take active participation in debates, extra-curricular activities to uplift their creative side. Games are also important for students because every country also needs progress in their sports and recreational programs to prosper.

6. Study Science and Data

Studying science, data and spaces can lead you to explore how our planet works. How scientists are born? How the universe is made? And you can go more towards deep thinking and discovering the world. In addition, you can also become a great scientist and contribute to the country’s progress with research and innovation. You can also contribute to the research programs by writing a report on your analysis and learning. The more authentic your research is, the higher success you’ll give back to your country.

7. Obeying the Laws

Every country has its rules and regulations. And everyone should abide by the rules, especially the students. Students should have a habit of obeying the country laws from the start. They shouldn’t break any traffic rules, educational rules, cyber rules or any other set laws. If they’ll respect the country laws from the initial stages, others will also follow their good habit. And that’s how they will contribute to the progress of the country.

Other than these steps, students should also keep their country clean and green, vote for the right person and also keep studying religion to progress better in every field.

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