How Can You Buy a Quality Printed t-Shirt?

Wearing a T-shirt gives you great comfort, and they can be used for every occasion. Besides wearing it for the workplace and parties, you can consider it for various activities like hiking, workout, and casual outing. You can buy high quality printed t-shirt Leicester online to get great comfort and thereby, enhance your looks.

Selection of T-shirt 

Various parameters influence the selection of a T-shirt. The parameters include the type of cloth, neckline, sleeve length, and imprint methods.

Type of fabric 

Cotton is breathable, and it will absorb the sweat in a very efficient manner. Hence, you can consider cotton t-shirts during the winter season. If you would like to buy t-shirts in bulk quantity to promote an event, you can buy cotton t-shirts as they are affordable. The logo pertaining to the event can be printed on the front or back as per your needs. There will be great publicity when all the employees wear the same kind of t-shirt depicting uniformity and discipline.

There are other cotton versions such as ring-spun cotton, slub cotton, organic cotton, combed cotton, and Pima cotton. If you would like to offer premium shirts as a presentation, you can go for ring-spun cotton.

To derive more life from t-shirts, you can go for polyester material. For sporting activities and outdoor activities, polyester t-shirts are considered.

Selection As Per Fit 

Before ordering T-shirts, you should consider the neckline, fit, and sleeve length also. If you go for fitted t-shirts, they will hug at the waistline, and both men and women can wear them. There will be great comfort by using relaxed-fit t-shirts. To sit close to the body, you can go for slim-fit t-shirts.

Imprinted t-Shirts 

T-shirt printing done by using quality materials will greatly enhance the appearance. Manufacturers adopt different kinds of techniques to produce imprinted t-shirts. Some of the techniques are screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery, laser engraving, dye sublimation, deboss, direct to garment printing, and HXD printing.

Screen printing – If you would like to buy t-shirts in bulk quantity, you can go for screen printed technology. The printing cost is low, and you can get manageable prints on the cloth. For large prints, screen prints are ideal. The ink will be applied directly to the cloth with the help of a small mesh.

Heat transfer – You can manage high-quality prints with the heat transfer technique. The artwork can be transferred to the cloth by using the heat transfer method. The process is ideal for printing small logos and designs.

Dye sublimation – Through the dye sublimation technique, special ink will be applied on a paper. The ink will be transferred from the paper to the cloth. Thus, you can produce high-quality prints, and large prints can be managed with dye-sublimation techniques.

Direct to garment printing – Through the direct to garment printing technology, high-quality prints will be transferred to the cloth through the inkjet printer. If you would like to produce full-color logos, you can go for direct to garment printing technology. If you apply direct printing on cotton t-shirts, the print will appear very smooth.

HXD printing – If you would like to deliver three dimension effects to your t-shirt, the HXD printing method can be chosen. Puff printing additive will be used to print 3-D images. The additive will expand with the application of heat. The process is ideal for large designs.

Deboss method – In the dboss technique, a metal die will be prepared, and it will be embossed on the cloth. You can produce 3-D textures with a raising effect. However, the procedure can be applied to some kinds of materials only.

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