How Do Heat Powered Fans Work [Detailed Explanation]

heat activated fans

As the technology is advancing in every field, we now have fans that generate their own electricity using the heat from a stove. These can also be called as Ecofans.

How does this work? Well, we have its answer in simple terms, the heat activated fans generate its own electricity through the difference in temperature. The base must make contact with a heat source of at least 85°C and the top of the fan must remain cool.

The Ecofan needs to draw cooler air from behind in order to operate which makes warm and spreads faster. Using these ecofans is like enjoying sitting at any place of your choice in the room and enjoying the warmth in the chilly winters that earlier one could get only by sitting in front of the fireplace.

How Do Heat Powered Fans Work?

The reason that the heat activated fans are becoming important as compared to the old ways “getting warm in sitting in front of the fireplace” is the dramatic increase in the warmth that you receive from your stove.

Having a more effective flow of heat around the room also means that you’re likely to spend less money on fuel, as you will use less because heat is circulating around the room better.

In other terms because it’s already heat-powered, you don’t need electricity for running it – the heat from the burning wood is enough for it. The fan is self-heating and as the stove fires up, the blades spin faster circulating more warm air into the room. And, as your stove cools down, the fan will spin slowly until it shuts off.

The Technologies Behind Wood Stove Fan

Talking about how they work, let’s further understand the working mechanism, there are two important things that we need to know to understand heat Powered wood stove fan better, first is “see beck effect” Second is “Peltier Cooler”

If we talk of a common heat activated fan, we will find that

The Peltier cooler in this fan uses the Peltier-See beck effect. In 1821, Thomas Johann See beck discovered that a solid metal bar that had a large temperature difference between the two ends produced an electric current.

In 1834 Jean Peltier took this discovery further by observing that two different metals or semiconductors that are connected in a particular way (Peltier junctions) could act as a heat pump if electricity was passed cross them.

In other words, heat would be pumped from one side to the other, creating one cool side and one hot side. Peltier coolers are often called thermoelectric coolers (TEC).

Why Do You Need Them

The first thing I would say, it depends on the individual. But it is a must-have fireplace accessory, then you should have if you are living in America or any other cold area. Because in winter the environment becomes so cold. And because of it, we cannot even sleep properly.

However, you may have the woodstove at your home. And of course, it might be performing very well, but can you sit for the whole night at the front of your wood stove? Is it possible, or it sounds logical? Well, I don’t think so, because I prefer a wood stove fan.

You just have to set it at the top of your wood stove, it will absorb the heat from the base, and spread the warm air throughout your room. Within a few minutes, you will experience the deep warmness around you which will not only feel good even though it will also make your environment best to sleep and to take a deep rest.

So, here I told you How Do Heat Powered Fans Work? And why do you need them? Now you should decide, either you need one or not, but I would suggest you give it a try because it is a one-time investment, which will not increase your monthly bills or anything else. You must know about in market audiences would be suited to reach which user

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