How do I create a free website on Google?

How do I create a free website on Google?

Google has made way much easier than anyone would have ever thought to walk on such a wonderful journey. Well, Google permit for creating website with a free mobile-optimized website those who are business men. However, while using Goggle it will automatically render everything which is your mobile whether it is your basic information or photos.

What is website?

Today the meaning of the website is not limited to the technical definition. In fact it has changed from that old tradition to this meaning: Website is a collection of the using, interlinked web pages and which share a single domain name. It is so easy to create a website but need a huge commitment to maintain the website. Website can be made up of different types for serving a variety of the purposes.

How to create free website on Google using –

Nowadays everyone has this Google website because making it has become so easy and simple. The usage of this Google website is a lot. Many people learn something so they want to share that with people. Then sometimes they make their page full of information or want to teach some online course.  The best part about the whole thing is that you can make as many as sites you want because it if free.

Build your first Google sites website

Are you ready for your first site? You will have to visits to the site getting determined on your new website.

Add a welcome banner

When you would visit to the site now you require to add a title in the top of the left corner of the editor.  When you do that Google automatically copies the top corner of the website! But if you decide on editing as you are thinking on to give it a private or public name that is possible to do.

Now next step will follow by adding the welcome message to the top corner. You can simply just delete the text if you have not decided to add text. Just click on the banner and then just select the new image for the background or you can even upload it at your own. The size will be available so do not panic about it.

Even if you are not happy with the how does this title appear? You just require to select the text (which you are willing to change) then click on its edge of the text corner. There you can change it!

Add Text and other media to your page

So this is the step where you need to allow the content you are willing to publish. Here, with the content you can even insert the menu on the right for adding up the images or text.

Final words

That is how you can add the content to your site and publish after uploading all the necessary stuffs. The process of creating it is even easier which you might have understood. The domain depends on you which type of domain you buy.

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