How do I get CISA certified?

Are you interested in becoming a CISA certified professional? Then you are on the right place. This is where you can know everything about CISA and how to earn CISA certification this year 2020.

What is CISA?

The Certified Information Management Auditor (CISA) credential is the most recognized certification for IT audit, compliance, and security professionals.

One of the four ISACA awards is CISA certification. Created in 1969, ISACA is a professional organization for the audit, security, risk, privacy, and governance of information systems. ISACA currently has over 140,000 supporters in 180 countries.

The technology industry is growing, and there is a growing need for securities and protection. As a follow-up to a series of financial scandals and internal control issues ravaged the industry, demand for CISA and similar certifications has risen. Therefore, you can help companies oversee their IT systems’ safety and health when receiving your CISA certificate.

Importance of CISA certification

The CISA certificate offers a variety of professional skills and practices that ensure yours IS security success. Thus, in your profession, you would have a better chance. One of the most relevant global standards is the Certified information systems Auditor credentials.

CISA certification is intended for professionals who want to demonstrate their information system (IS) knowledge, insurance, and security experiences. This ISACA certification is accepted internationally and is known as the gold standard. With a credential like CISA, you have maximum credibility in your field as an IS professional. CISA increases the reputation of the career and the process of recruiting, improving the possible future profits.

Scope of CISA certification

The CISA certification continues to be in-demand because companies are looking to improve the info section’s effect and bridge the cybersecurity skills gap. Although successful completion of CISA involves a tremendous amount of training and expertise, long-term career benefits are valuable.

How to become CISA certified?

CISA exam registration: You might not know, but this test does not require any prerequisite. As long as your opinions and values are suitable for your profession and the CISA exam is useful, proceed.

  1. Finish the CISA exam

This CISA exam is a three times a year pencil-and-paper examination. It is a 4-hour test of 150 multi-choice questions. Anyone can avail of the test as long as the registration fees are charged. A score of at least 450 must be passed. The role and responsibilities of IT auditors are covered in the curriculum. Theories are checked, but generally speaking, it is comparatively easy for a practicing IT auditor. The pass percentage is around 50%. Effective candidates may apply for the certificate and work towards experiencing requirements.

  1. Meet the experience criteria 

The final step is to apply for certification after passing the test. The applicant has to have a minimum of five years of IS auditing, control, or safety professional experience. Fortunately, there are waivers for the experience. An applicant with three years of experience can receive the following certification with the next steps:

  • Maximum one year IS experience or one year’s experience may replace one year’s non-IS audit experience. 
  • Credit hours of 60-120 semesters of the university (not subject to the 10-year limit) can be substituted for 1-2 years of experience. 
  • One year of experience can be substituted for a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a university using the ISACA curriculum.
  • One year of experience may be supplemented by either a Master’s degree in IS or IT from a prestigious university. 
  • An applicant with two years’ experience as a university instructor (full-time) will substitute for one year’s computer science experience, IS auditing, and accounting. 
  • Three years of experience in IS auditing, control, and safety knowledge, and two years of experience in IS auditing, control or security, and one full year of a non-IS audit or IS two-year experience as a university instructor (full time).

Individual applicants take the CISA exam even though they do not fulfill the criteria of experience. It is appropriate, but you will not be given the CISA designation unless you satisfy all requirements. Notice that the certification job experience must be obtained within ten years of submission or five years of passing the CISA test.

  1. CISA certification maintenance requirements 

Once you are accredited with CISA, you need to comply with the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics, meet the criteria for Continuing Professional Education and follow the Information Systems Auditing Standards.

  1. Professional conduct requirements for CISA certification 

It shall be agreed to allow ISACA members and CISA credential holders to direct their professional and personal conduct through an ISACA Code of Professional Ethics. If you fail to comply with the code, your actions and disciplinary action will lead to an inquiry if needed.

To verify that its members and credential holders’ professional and personal conduct complies with certain ethical principles, ISACA has developed a Code of Professional Ethics. 

  1. Standards requirements for CISA information systems auditing 

Finally, the IS audit standard requirements are the last thing to be addressed to uphold the CISA certification. You have to agree to implement the ISACA’s Information Systems Auditing standards for information systems to satisfy these criteria.

Once you are successfully named as a CISA certified professional, your value to employers increases. Your certification shows that you have obtained and retained the skills needed for complex IS auditing, control, and safety problems in a modern organization. When you have a competitive advantage over your fellow students, your international market value will also rise, as this certification is internationally recognized.

Final words

Prove your IS/IT auditing, control, and security skills and be one of the industry’s most skilled personnel. Validate your know-how and take advantage of your profession. You can do this by receiving the certification of the ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). CISA is recognized internationally as the standard for auditing, controlling, and evaluating IT and business systems within an organization. Get ready to succeed in the exam. Whether you want more guidance and engagement with live instruction, choose the right CISA training and test preparation approaches from reputable training providers.

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