How Does Hotel Automation System Benefit Buildings?

With the popularity and success of the concept of the “Internet of Things,” people are transitioning to smart buildings, i.e., Smart homes, smart hotels, smart cars, etc. This article will discuss the hotel automation system. The hotel automation system has completely changed the hotel operations and guest experience. Now the question is how these innovative technologies have changed the hotel operations? 

Hotel automation system is the solution for your every concern in hotel operations. The system can increase the guest experience by providing convenience and comfort. From the guest’s perspective, hotel automation system gives better control over the gadgets, including lighting, audio and video system, temperature, locks, etc. On the other hand, when we view hotel automation system from the hotel owner’s perspective, it provides the hotel owner better control over hotel operation, maintenance, supervision, safety, reduction of costs, and as a result, more revenue and higher rating of your hotel. 

As the importance of a hotel automation system has been stressed, we will now address hotel systems in terms of individual hotel components and their advantages.

1.Guest rooms

The hotel automation system is designed to meet guests’ unique requirements and offer them the best hotel experience. The guest room automation enables hotel owners to provide the guest the required convenience and control various functionalities, including room temperature, lighting, drapes, background music, and other displays. The aims are to satisfy the customer and to make his experience worth remembering. The hotel automation system provides RF cardholders to guests, cleaners, and concierges, whose identity will be identified when the card is inserted. And when the card is pulled away, all the devices and appliances will enter standby, thus ensuring energy saving. 

Guest rooms has other excellent features:

  • Welcome mode

A welcome mode is the best feature of the hotel automation system. It is also known as check-in mode, which can be selected by the receptionist when guests enter the hotel. The hotel automation system then turn-on the appliances and sets the hotel conditions as per needs. As the guest leaves the room, AC and other devices will enter “standby mode” to save power.

  • Comfortable temperature

With this new technology of hotel automation system, controlling your room temperature is accessible than ever before. Now you don’t have to complain about the temperature of your guest room. When the “check-in mode” is activated, it automatically adjusts the room temperature. 

  • Multi-media 

Multi-media can leave the guests a memorable experience. The hotel automation system offers the option of connected various electronic products to make the guest’s stay at the hotel memorable and joyful.

  • Smart panels

Through smart panels, various scenes can be controlled to suit different occasions. Some of the most common scenes include DND, MUR, AWAY, and WELCOME. The smart panel ensures the peace of mind and comfort of the guests.


The reception is the first place which a guest visits. Through the hotel automation system offers the first impression to the guest. The lighting and HVAC are adjusted in just a way as to get the most comfortable environment of a hotel. 

3.Meeting room

There are many modes that you can select in the meeting room, such as meeting mode, projection mode, break mode, etc. These different modes will make it easier to work on a project and enhance your efficiency and productivity. 

4.Hallways and stairwells

Hallways and stairwells are an essential component of any hotel, which can add a significant amount of money to your utility bills and your hotel’s overall expenditure. The hotel automation system offers an innovative and creative way of adjusting hallways and stairwells, making them energy-efficient and attractive. 


There are other facilities such as a gym, spa, swimming pool, sauna, etc. The hotel automation solutions can help you design better manage those facilities. 

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6.Recreational center

The recreational center is the place to relax and have some quality time during your stay at the hotel. The hotel automation system makes the stay at the hotel both interesting and memorable. 

7.Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lightings are an attractive feature of any hotel, and it can significantly affect the guest experience. The outdoor lighting of hotel automation systems is attractive, cost-effective, and energy-saving.

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