Search Engine Optimization has a very broad scope. It includes many important factors which can help you create traffic and collect an audience. Images, keywords and videos help with more page views, clicks and conversions. However, nothing matches the power of words on your blog or website.

Content or words can be more useful and important than any other SEO factor. High quality words tell search engines about the quality of your website and rank your website accordingly on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Moreover, they tell Internet users and search engines about what you do or sell.

Content is King

There are certain important reasons why content is more important than a lot of other Search Engine Optimization factors. Most of the popular search engines look for specific things on blogs and websites to direct users to updated and most relevant information. A search engine’s job is to provide users with whatever they are looking for online.

Blogs and websites are continuously crawled by search engine spiders to determine key factors to direct users. They keep looking for original information, relevant keyword terms, amount of words on web pages and exact combinations of words on your blog or website. If your article is about automotive parts, you will need to use relevant keywords on your web page.

Websites and web pages are crawled by web-based applications called bots. Bots keep searching for relevant words on your website at regular intervals. Bots also collect information corresponding to these words and let search engines know how to distribute this information among users. Therefore, content will have a major impact on your SEO rankings.

Some Basic Principles to Develop High-Quality Content

Here are some key principles you should consider before writing words for your blog or website:


Relevance of your articles can be easily determined by search engine spiders. In some cases, internet marketers and webmasters stuff keywords into their posts and try to get more traffic. Although stuffing an article about automotive parts with a popular keyword like an iPhone will get you more clicks in the short term, these visitors will have no real value to your business.

You will not provide people with what they are looking for online. This will make them frustrated, angry, and annoyed.  This is considered to be a ‘black hat’ technique in Search Engine Optimization.

Search engines can easily recognize websites and blogs which deliver relevant, high-quality content. Thus, they rank you accordingly. If your article about automotive parts tells users about automotive parts, instead of misleading them about iPhones, you will definitely get valuable visitors who will be interested in your business. Thus, your conversion rate will be higher.

Original and New Words

This is one of the key principles for developing high-quality content and improving your SEO rankings. Words, phrases and sentences in your articles should be new and original. As search engine spiders crawl through numerous web pages, they catalogue the first place and time from when new words were produced. In case your website has a lot of reprinted material, search engines will only consider you to be a secondary source.

The Good and Bad Side of Reprinted Articles

Reproduction of articles is a double-edged sword. You need to be on the right side of the table. If you are creating new material and other websites are reproducing it on a regular basis, search engines will consider you to be a leader. You will definitely get some ranking privileges. Thus, you need to make sure that you give healthy backlinks and develop high-quality content which can be used by other websites.

If you find a website reproducing your articles, don’t file a complaint. You should rather ask the website to keep using your article, and just give you due credit in return via placing backlinks to your website..

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