How office design and layout can impact employee productivity

When searching for the perfect office, it can be easy to spend a long time obsessing around specific areas like the location, look of the building and features included. Whilst these are all important factors when choosing an office, it’s vital that you don’t overlook another important element: the layout. 

Sadly, despite the major role that office layout plays in staff engagement, this area is frequently forgotten. A study by Steelcase found that only 13% of workers are highly engaged. The following steps show how a simple change to office layout can have a lasting impact on employee productivity and management.

Invest in better lights 

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of office layout. Poor lighting can cause issues such as fatigue and eyestrain – and, according to Scientific American, has even been linked with causing depression. Investing in better lighting means employees will be able to work longer and will actively improve wellbeing. During the day, think about natural light, open a window if you can, and make sure that there are no drawn blinds or curtains obstructing sunlight. 

Base everything around efficiency 

When laying out your office, efficiency should be the watchword. Think about the most logical placement. For example, a good place to put a printer is at the centre of a desk area, so that employees don’t have to walk too far to print. You could also invest in an extra printer to avoid queues. You should also try to reduce clutter; a messy environment will engender a cluttered mindset amongst staff. Introduce a clear desk policy to minimise clutter. 

Add a bit of colour 

Colour is proven to have an effect on mood. A drab office with fading paint, dark colours or grubby carpets won’t inspire energy or creativity from your workers. Think about introducing some colour to the workplace, be it through a new lick of paint or adding some house plants. A “light airy space, bright colours and happy vibe make the office a fun and vibrant place to come to work”, says Casey Mead, global PR lead at G Adventures. Think about how you can use colour to lighten up your workplace and improve the creativity of your workers. 

It might be time to invest in something new 

Sometimes a bit of rearranging just isn’t enough. If your office is old or run down, there’s only so much you can do to improve the look. If this is the case, or you just feel it’s time for a change, make sure layout and design are high on your list of priorities when choosing a new office. 

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