How often should you treat or reward your child?

reward your child
reward your child

Rewarding or treating little ones is sometimes par for the course as parents will often tell you. However, ensure that you are doing it right. This is possible with a few handy tips for parents in this regard. Of course, you should be motivating your children to make use of their time optimally, taking part in free online hobby courses which teach them new skills while also ensuring that they attend online kids classes at school at the same time. Their academic development can be wonderfully complemented by new hobby classes for creative and artistic development at Yellow Class

However, temperament is best shaped at home and parents have a vital role to play in this regard. For little ones, make use of a sticker reward graph or chart. Have a sticker placed on the chart for each time that a particular goal is accomplished by your kid. Some parents may also consider giving rewards or treats for fulfilling particular milestones. Have a certain amount of stickers allocated for accomplishing specific objectives. You can make your own version of a reward chart. Children will be motivated to work for getting a reward or treat. Reward charts may come in various other forms as well, depending upon your own preferences. They may be coins in a jar, fridge magnets, via apps and so on. 

For keeping confusion at bay, whenever children accomplish anything and expect a reward, give this right away. Track a single behavior at a time when starting this system of treats and rewards. Once a particular behavior is smoothly implemented, switch to another, ensuring that child goals are suitable for their age and convenient. Do not underestimate the importance of praising your children. Children especially love delighting their parents. Give them abundant praise whenever they fulfill something and they will stay motivated to maintain their good work likewise. Remind children about the reward chart and what they should do to keep it going. 

Use simple words for communicating with children. For example, dressing up properly by yourself is an easy to understand incentive instead of phrasing this as suitably attiring yourself as per the situation. Do not bribe children for doing anything. Even if you are sometimes desperate for children to properly behave with others, not create chaos amidst a vital situation and the like, avoid bribing. Do not compromise the solid reward system with any such bribe. This will make your kid start behaving differently with a purpose towards obtaining these rewards or bribes. 

You can also remove reward points or stickers due to improper behavior in some cases. This will help your child stay committed towards his/her overall goals. Explain clearly to children about why you are deducting points. If procrastination is what plagues your kid, set time limits for accomplishing goals. Talk to kids about the rewards they desire and then integrate them into the reward system or chart. 

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